Thursday, September 9, 2010

Honeymoon in the DR

For our honeymoon we went to the Dominican Republic (DR). It was fun, but I do have to say I would not recommend going there. We were there for 6 days, and of those 6 it rained 4. I'm not just talking rained for a bit and stopped, like it POURED down sunshine :( But of those 2 days it was sunny, let me just tell you we got fried. The sun is so intense down there. Luckily it didn't peel, it turned into a tan :)
We went to an all-inclusive resort, which is nice because we didn't spend any money once we arrived. All meals AND alcohol were included. The food was just eh, nothing to write home about. My favorite restaurant was the Japanese Restaurant, tepanyaki= yummy!! The drinks had so much sugar in them. You know when you got to a bar or restaurant in the states were have girlie drinks and usually they are pretty sweet...well ALL the drinks there were pretty sweet and sugary, even the "manly drinks." I could only handle so much.
The days it wasn't rainy, we laid out by the crystal clear ocean and fried got a tan. It was so nice to relax and just being alone with each other. This was our first vacation alone, isn't that crazy?!?! (well vegas for 3 days, but this was an actual relaxing vacation). One of the rainy days we went on a safari ride through the backwoods so to speak of the DR. We saw how citizens live, what they do for work, how they farm cocoa and sugar cane and tobacco. Oh, Tony was able to smoke a freshly rolled cigar. The guy gave it to him, and I think he expected Tony to pay for it, but we had no cash...opps! We also tried freshly ground cocoa, which was pretty tasty.
All in all it was a nice vacation, it was nice to be on our own away from family and friends. When we got home I felt like I needed a vacation from the vacation LOL
Here are some photos from our trip.

At LAX waiting to take off

Just arrived at hotel, ready to drink and relax :)

Wild crazy weather

Rain was constant :(

Our daily breakfast: donuts & coffee

Beautiful clear water

My sexy hubby

Enjoying the beautiful ocean

"our" spot

Japanese Restaurant

I became a tepanyaki chef :)

The rings

Italian dinner night

My sexy hubby

At a cocoa farm

Freshly ground cocoa

Smokin' the freshly rolled, free cigar

Tony boogie boarding for the first time

Yes I know, a total cheese-ball smile

Laying out = relaxing

Our last night

Leaving for the airport
~ Mrs. A

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Ashley said...

Our first trip together was to Domicican too! But we had an awesome time, with great weather! Where did you stay? The beaches are amazing down there! I would go back in a minute! (I am Canada tho.. I would go anywhere warm!)