Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Meals

First things first, my Hubby is Italian so rarely cook Italian food...and I am sure you can all imagine why. I am not Italian, so trying to even come close to "Nonna's" cooking is non-existent. The first time I made spaghetti I was so scared nervous as to how he would react. I go to the store and buy Classico Spaghetti Sauce, whereas Nonna makes her own...down to squishing the tomatoes. So that is the reasoning behind why I am starting Monday Meals posts.

Being a newlywed I try to cook different things for Hubby, I dont want him to get bored with my cooking since I am nowhere near the 'rank' of Nonna's cooking. So I have decided to give a yummy recipe to my bloggy friends every Monday.

Roast Beef Dip Sandwiches
(serves about 4-5)
french bread rolls
1 lb deli style roast beef
1 pack of pepper jack cheese
1 shallot
2 cans beef broth

How To:
cut up shallot & put into pot
pour 2 cans beef broth
(bring to boil)
add roast beef to pot
(keep on low)

open french rolls
(as to make a sandwich)
put butter on top & bottom of french rolls
fold 2 slices of cheese into triangles, placing the two triangles on inside top & inside bottom of roll

place rolls on skillet and put roast beef inside
(close the roll as much as it can)
let the roll 'brown' on each side

put the beef broth in bowls so you can dip the sandwich in with each delicious bite :)

I hope you all can understand my recipe, I have never written it down (just verbally told people) please bare with me. :) I hope you enjoy!!

~Mrs. A

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