Monday, October 25, 2010

Back In The Game :) Day 1

We are finally into the swing of things again when it comes to working out. Hoorah!!! :-D I am so excited.
Hubby and I havent really been working out since we got back from our honeymoon...3 months ago :( Three months, wow it totally just hit me. Hubby and I are used to working out We are used to have some sort of physical activity in our day. But we have been bouncing around from house to house, so life has been kinda crazy. Well right now we are in Texas with my parents, so we are finally able to kick our butts into gear again :)

So I have decided that I should start documenting our work outs and eating habits. Do I really want to know all the food I eat?? Probably not, but I think this will be really good for me. I will probably have two posts a day because of this, so sorry to bombard you all with blog updates ;) Maybe I will inspire you too work out too :) Did I mention my hubby will kick your ass, like seriously. I am in pain after I work out with him.

Here we go :)
We do not have a gym membership, all the things we do are with equipment we have bought or items around the house.

Meals for today:
Breakfast- blueberry scone and grande iced skinny vanilla latte (I know the scone isn't healthy, but seriously before noon there was zero food in the house. So we had to drive to Starbucks, hehe :)
Lunch- Grilled chicken and asparagus cooked in olive oil & balsamic vinegar
Dinner- flat bread turkey burgers with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, avocado
 (less bread than an actual bun).
Dessert- Yoplait Yogurt

3 station circuit for 10 minutes straight.
Normally we go for a run or bike ride, but today we didn't have time.

1. Stability ball squats (put ball against wall with lower back leaning against it. keep abs tight. squat all the way down. feet should be shoulder width apart and about foot and half in front of body, make sure knees don't go over toes). Count 15 squats

2. Lunges with 12 pound weights. Do one lung with right leg, one lung with left leg...that is 1 lung. Count 10 lunges

3. Get a chair or something that you can sit on about 2.5 feet off the gound. Put arms out in front of you, parallel to the ground. Lift left leg out in front of you, off the ground. Bend right knee and push yourself up using only the right leg then sit back down. Left leg should still be out in front of you, do not put left leg down until you sit down. Switch legs and repeat 10 times each leg.

I hope all that makes sense. We did the circuit 10 minutes straight, no breaks. It is a killer. Legs were shaking. Like seriously shaking. They are still pretty jello-y. But I cannot tell you how amazing I feel tonight. I feel so healthy and energized and happy to be working out again. You don't need a gym membership, just some equipment that you can buy at Big 5 or Sport's Authority. But you also gotta have the discipline to do it at home. It is so nice that hubby personal trains. He is awesome.
Side notes: Let me know if you live in our area, he can be your personal trainer too :)
We are hoping when we get back to California, he can start up his own business training.

I hope writing this all down helps keep myself accountable and motivated.
Because I am feeling a.m.a.z.i.n.g tonight.
I also hope if you aren't currently working out, this motivates you.
We can help keep each other accountable :)

Good Night Ladies,


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