Sunday, October 24, 2010

Date Night

Last night hubby and I went on a date (thanks momma). We definately needed it. It was a lot of fun because it was just the two of us. While at home we were trying to decide where to go to dinner. Hubby was thinking of new places to go, but those all seemed to be a bit pricey (he likes nice places/things). So I decided to 'take over' haha!! I was thinking of going to places we know of and places we know we enjoy. First thought came to mind was Outback. But I thought I would pick something different. We chose to go to BJs Brewery. We drove there, put our name in, sat for about 30 minutes.
Then I asked hubby, "What are you thinking of getting for dinner?"
He says, "We should share a pizza."
I was like, "Pizza? We could have ordered pizza at home. Let's gets something else."
Hubby says, "I don't really like anything else from here."
So he suggests, "Let's go to Macaroni Grill."
I love Macaroni Grill. I was thinking!! We are going to have to wait another 30 minutes, but that food sounded better. We drive to Macaroni Grill, like 5 minutes away. Guess what, there was zero wait. Woo hoo!! :) We sat down immediately. I of course already knew I was getting the Pasta Milano. If you have't tried it, seriously you gotta!! It is so delicious :) Bow tie pasta, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms (which I pick out), grilled chicken, and some kind of white sauce...but it isn't as thick as alfredo. Go try it :) Hubby ordered the seafood not a fan of seafood. I just don't like the smells or textures. But he loves it. Oh I forgot to mention we had like 3 or 4 loaves of the bread they serve, probably because it's free LOL and well the rosemary makes it yummy!! Dipping the bread in the olive oil, balsamic and pepper is so delicious!! Just an FYI, hubby could literally drink the balsamic, he loves it that much. :)
Going to an Italian restaurant and being that hubby is full Italian, we had to order wine. We ordered a tasty. Let me just tell you, I must be the biggest light weight around. We each had one glass, one glass I tell you. And that one glass made me a little tipsy. I didn't tell hubby because he would make fun of me. I know you are all thinking, seriously tipsy after one glass of pathetic. I know, I know.
One of the best parts of our date night was the dessert. We drove over to Cheesecake Factory. Hubby ran in to order one slice for us to share. I told him to surprise me (I love surprises). We pulled into a parking lot and just pigged out on the Reese's and Butterfinger topped cheesecake.
It was seriously a.slice.of.heaven :)

gorgeous sunset
the beginning of our night at BJ's 
this was probably loaf #3 
not a great photo,
but thats his spaghetti clam thing lol 

It was so yummy we finished it all :)

The ending to a perfect night was coming home and watching a chick flick :)
Yes, it was my turn to pick the movie and I chose The Proposal. So cute!



Nicole-Lynn said...

Very cute pictures! That's wonderful you were able to go out and have a date night with just the two of you! I think it's so important to make time for eachother!

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