Friday, October 8, 2010

Fashion Friday

Oh how I love JCREW, just a little too expensive. Hey, I am sensing a little bit of a pattern here. What is it you ask? I like expensive stores, expensive things. I swear I am not materialistic. Trust me, if you saw my 'things' you definitely wouldn't get that impression. JCREW style is kinda funky, kinda vintage, kinda classy...I love how they combine it all together. I have chosen a  few items that I love and wish I could buy :::get a job already so you can shop:::
Every time hubby sees a black leather jacket with jeans, he tells me I need to buy one now, not tomorrow now. I keep telling him, we have no money for such my mind I am hoping one day he will bring me home a surprise ;)
I love cardigans. I think I have about ten in my closet as we speak...they can be casual or totally dress up an outfit.
I am hoping one day, sooner than later, I can feel comfortable and amazing in a pencil skirt. I have tried one on before and it just didn't look great (or I didn't think it looked great). I think they are very professional, classy and I oh so badly want to look amazing in one. Maybe I just need to venture out and not be so self conscious scared.
I want the earrings at the bottom so badly, how gorgeous are they?? Oh and that red satchel, please come into my life asap...I have been thinking it is time to change purses for a while :)


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