Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Friday

In Style magazine, one of my favorites, has an article in the October issue titled
"28 days of Amazing Outfits"
There are 15 essential items that every.girl.must.have. and they make these items into 28 different outfits (7 days for 4 weeks). No worries, I am not going to list every outfit style they picked out. But I do want to share with you the 15 key pieces that I, you, girls must have. I gotta confess something to you, I only own 2 of the 15. A cropped vest and platform heels. that is all I own? How is that possible, I love to shop. Ok now I seriously gotta tell hubby I need to shop. I mean In Style magazine is telling me that I need these essentials, doesn't that account for anything?!?! :)
  1. Full skirt
  2. Skinny cargos
  3. Denim shirt
  4. White blouse
  5. Statement necklace
  6. Striped turtleneck
  7. Brown blazer
  8. Printed dress
  9. Biker jackety
  10. Floral blouse
  11. Cropped vest
  12. Black booties
  13. Leopard flats
  14. Platform heels
  15. Tote bag
How many of these staple items do you have?


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