Monday, October 18, 2010

If You Really Knew Me

One of my favorite blogs to read is Day in the Life. I was looking back at her older posts and I found this little 'get to know me' post. So I decided to steal copy the idea, I hope you don't mind Natasha ;) I think it will be a fun way to show all my readers/followers who I am.

If you really knew me, you'd know that...

I am the first child/grandchild in my generation to graduate from college.

I had a brother (the eldest sibling and only one who had same parents as me) who passed away five years ago from muscular dystrophy at the age of 24. He was my best friend. He was unable to do things on his own the majority of his life, so besides my parents, I was the next to help out. Losing him has been the hardest most difficult thing I have ever gone through. I love and miss him more than words could explain. 

I have four sisters. None of whom I have the same parents. One I share a mom, the other two I share a dad.

I have been known to make sure everyone else is happy before myself. For some reason in my book I should come last.

I love photography. I love capturing the little moments in a person's life. I love lifestyle photos. I love candid photos of families. Photography is a passion of mine and I hope soon I can share it with the world. I love seeing families photos in homes. I want to bring those photos alive. I want to be the one to take those photos. I want to have my photography business. I want it to be successful and my career.

I am truly addicted to Starbucks. I wish I could afford to go there I know it is an expensive addiction, but I my iced coffee. I have been thinking of buying stock lol

I moved to Oceanside, Ca in Jan. 2008 and met my hubby one month later. We have been inseparable every since.

I hate when people say I am going up/north to see you next weekend, when the town is really down/south or visa versa. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I point it out whenever someone says it and they just give me a pissed off look. Know your directions!!

 I get in such a bad mood when there is no food. I get very pissy and mean and grouchy.I become a total bitch if I am hungry and there is no chance in sight of me eating any time soon. I have to have food in the house, and I am not talking like crackers. I mean real food where I can cook/make something. Food gives me energy, it makes me happy. Hubby tells me food doesn't have to be good you just need it to survive. I tell him food has to be pleasurable or I will not eat it.

I have always dreamed of being a stay at home mom of four kiddos. I grew up in a large family and I want to keep it going. Hubby isn't so on bored. He thinks we should stick with two.

I went to a small private high school. In my graduating class there were 24 of us, 7 of those being guys. Can you believe that?!?! There were only 7 guys in my class. Talk about lack of options huh? :) I loved my high school. I made amazing friends. We had a blast together. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

I got Lasik eye surgery May of 2009. I have to say it is one of the best things I have ever done. I love not having to take my contacts out before bed. I love not getting dry eyes all the time. I loved that I was able to do this before my wedding and honeymoon...yes, that was a goal of mine :)

I got a boob job September 2009. Yes I got a boob job. I was like barely an 'A' before and now I am a 'C'...a 'D' at Victoria's Secret (hehe). I am so pleased with my results. This is probably the best thing I have ever done, even better than Lasik. Hubby, of course, loves them :) (More on this topic later on)

 I am not a big makeup kinda girl. I am pretty simple when it comes to that. I wear a little bit of foundation, a little powder, and some mascara. If I put eyeshadow on, you can't really see it. Oh and chapstick, Soft Lips to be exact :). I wore eyeliner for my wedding and I loved how it made my eyes pop out. Sad thing is, I have no idea how to put it on.

I am a huge lover of ice cream. I actually never turn it down if offered to me...even if I am on a super healthy kick. I love everything about it. It is much more refreshing than a piece of pie of cake. Some favorite flavors: rocky roads, cookies n cream, vanilla, cookie dough, pralines & cream. Ben and Jerry's is super delish!! Just on the expensive side. Oh and since I have been in Texas I have gotten Blue Bell, its yummy but I have to say it is not worth $7.29. I have never paid so much for ice cream in my life...I was in utter shock.

I love Pottery Barn. I want my entire house to be Pottery Barn-ed out. I love their style so much. I just wish I had the money to do so. I found a couch there I want, but unfortunately is costs $3,500 :(

I have one tattoo. If ever asked if there is one thing I regret this would be it. I was 19 when I got it, and now I wish I could get it removed. I absolutely hate it now. I feel kinda trashy with it. It is a hibiscus flower on my lower back. Yes I have a tramp stamp as my sisters call it. It was something I did on an impulse unfortunately and now I am stuck with it. But honestly if getting it removed wasn't so painful I would totally do a heart beat. Funny thing though, hubby has like 10 tattoos and I just love them. It adds to his sex appeal and 'bad boy' image that I just love love love :)

Lastly a little bit of randomness...I always put my right leg in first when putting pants/undies/shorts on. I wear flip flops all the time, even when its pouring out. I love writing names, my name, hubby's name, family names, anyone I just love it....or maybe I just love my writing. If you do wrong to me, I will do wrong to you...I will be the biggest bitch possible if you hurt me or my family, oh and you will know it (Yes this is a horrible trait I have, my family tells me all the time). I don't have very many friends, four amazing girl friends and that's it. I organize my closet by color and then by style (tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve). I love going shooting, I have my very own semi-automatic shot gun and I just love it.

Well, that is it for now. That is a lot of info I just gave you. Although I could probably keep going, but I don't want to bore you. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit more.



star said...

Hi, I just found your blog and I love it! Yay for getting Lasik, I have been pondering for years whether I just get it done. ohh, I love Pottery Barn too! Look forward to reading more of your blog!

Sharon said...

Yu are too funny .. news to me, the north south issue you have!! LOL

Kit said...

I love reading your blog....You are too funny! I love learning more about the people I follow.

Lindsay said...

thanks girls :)
mom, its because you dont get it incorrect lol

LivKit said...

Following. I love Pottery Barn! Funny post, I want to get a boob job (I know what you are thinking; she comments that?; haha) seriously! I think that it is one of those we as women should be allowed to do and market considering! haha cute post, and I love your top 2 pictures! They are so beautiful, you were a beautiful bride!

kimberly said...

This made me miss you so much this morning...I love you and all your quirkinesses ;o)...and your honesty...<3

Lindsay said...

kimberly~ your comment totally made me tear up. i cannot tell you how much i miss you!! i wish we could 'spoon' there is so much to talk about. i love you <3