Thursday, October 28, 2010


When I was little my parents ALWAYS told me I had to get a degree, no matter what the degree was in, I just had to get that piece of paper. I have that piece of paper, that simple rewarding little piece of paper that accounts for going to college, putting all those countless hours of homework and research in, spending thousands of dollars to get that simple rewarding piece of paper. But does that paper really help you out in the so called real world? I don't think it really does, well not to the extent I was told growing up.
You see, I have come to the conclusion that people get jobs because of connections. People do not get jobs  because they made an excellent first impression. Because remember here, no one will let you have a first impression until they look at your resume. And chances of them look at your resume compared to the million hundred others is slim. Although if you know someone, of course you have a foot in the door. Actually I think it is a guarantee job rather than just a foot in the door.
The amount of jobs I have applied to since living here is Texas is more than I can count. I thought because I had a degree I would have brownies points so to speak. But I guess I was wrong. I am not even getting respsonses back from companies, they do not even say thank you for applying but we chose someone else. They just do not respond. Isn't that rude?
I am not saying I am the best person for every job out there, but I know I have pretty decent experience. I have been working in a vocational nursing school as the HR Manager for 3 years, then prior to that I was an Admin Assistant for 5 years. Seriously, I know what it is like to work in an office setting.
How do you set yourself apart from the millions of other applicants?? How do I show companies that I am someone they should consider interviewing?? Yes I know write a great cover letter...check. Make an outstanding resume...check. There is nothing else you can do, because going in person will do you no good as they won't give you the time of day. So there I go again, back at square one.
I have a degree. I have experience. I just seem to have zero connections. Speaking of connections, everyone seems to always talk about connections they have and how of course they would love to help. Then you ask for help and poof all of a sudden there are zero connections. I just do not understand. It is beyond frustrating. I spent all that time and money in school and I cannot freakin even get an interview, really??
So being that there are no connections, no one interviewing me for jobs I am experienced in, I had to apply at lower end jobs. Now don't get me wrong, these jobs are great and I appreciate everyone working at them. But when you get your degree, when you have experience, you never imagine working for Starbucks, do you? Nope. But that is the case with me. I work at Starbucks right now. It is mentally draining on me because I was never the kind of person to want a food service job. I always worked in offices. I worked in fields that made me use my knowledge from college. So to me, this is going backwards, which is SO not what hubby and I want right now. We want to be moving forward so we can get back to California. This may sound totally snotty to some people, but it is just challenging on me right now.
Hubby is working at PF Chang's. He had his first orientation last night. He said it went ok. Now I am totally shocked by this and maybe it is because laws are different here in Texas than California. But hubby found out how much he will be making. Are you ready for this????? He will be making $2.75 an hour. Yes you read that correctly. That isn't even federal miniumum wage. Are you kidding me?!?! Is that legal??? My mouth dropped and I that came out was, "Oh my gosh!!! Are you kidding me?!?! How are we ever going to pay bills? How are we ever going to save money?" He said he gets tips, but seriously those tips will not total enough to pay bills. In California you make at least minimum wage, plus tips. Both our jobs are part time. We don't know schedules yet, so we cannot find another job till we know when we will be working.
Needless to say both of us are quite annoyed with things right now. We feel like we are stuck here in Texas. Stuck here living with my folks. Never going to be able to save. Plans of a family are pushed WAY back. It is. Sad. Frustrating. Depressing. I am trying to stay positive, but it is so extremely hard. I want a job where I work a full 40 hours a week. Where I make enough to save money each paycheck. Where I can move back to California.
If anyone in this blog world knows of jobs in southern California, please let me know. Hubby and I would so appreciate any help.

Sorry for this depressing/venting post, but I just needed somewhere to get it out. Not even sure if it all makes sense because I have so many thoughts going on.



Nicole-Lynn said...

Sorry sweetie! Definitely pray about it!

Lindsay said...

thanks girlie :) i will keep doing so

A Southern Love said...

Oh my gosh girl I totally get you! I too have had some extremely frustrating times when I felt that all that hard work was just not paying off! I would see people with only a HS diploma get a job over me and then I found out the "connections" they had and it just hit me right in my gut. I did not think that was fair. Some companies look at your degree as the golden ticket. While others simply base their hiring on experience. And then there are those who primarly go by "connections". All I can tell you is try not to lose heart! You know how hard you worked to earn your degree, and that shows so much about you! It shows that you can fully commit to something and follow it through to the end, it shows that you can handle deadlines, it shows that you can finish what you start, that you are dependable, full of knowledge, and dedicated! Sooner or later a company WILL see that and you WILL be their newest and best employee!! I will be praying for you that the Lord would open up an incredible "knock your socks off" opportunity just for you!! And for your husband!!

Keep the faith girl! I wish I could help with jobs in CA but I live in GA... :(

I will be praying though! You can count on that!


A Southern Love said...

Hey Girl! I just gave you a blog award! Come see me at my blog to check it out! :)

Tishra said...

Aw, I hate that battle of trying to get a foot in the door. The best thing you can do is keep putting yourself out there & make yourself the most excellent employee wherever you are. You never know who might be watching, who you might meet, and where your next opportunity might come from! I'm believing for something incredible for both of you.