Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mid Week Date With Hubby

Today hubby and I spent the day together. And it was a great day!!
We woke up and he took surprised me by going to Starbucks :) I always know when he is going to take me there, but I like to pretend I don't ;) Is that bad? I don't think so.

Hubby gets chai latte. I get skinny vanilla latte.

up close, yes but its still cute :)

After our morning coffee, we took items back at Ulta then headed off to the shooting range. Can I just tell you that nothing is close to where we live in Texas. Well close by my means of close. In California, you can walk to the grocery store, bank, Starbucks...but here, no of course not!! :-/ You have to drive like 15 minutes to get anywhere. So we typed in the address to the shooting range. We thought it was right off the freeway. Nope! It took us on some back roads, country roads, nothing where I could think a shooting range is. Maybe because back home, shooting ranges are just off the main roads, near airports (seriously a lot are, not sure why), like you can drive by and see it. But today we had to drive out of city limits or so it seemed.
Side note: can you tell I'm not used to this kind of living yet. It does kind of irritate me, sorry if you all are from Texas, I just not used to it.
So we finally get there and boy did I have fun!! :-D I love shooting. I love spending time with hubby. We went skeet shooting with our shot guns. Have I mentioned I have my own, hehe. My dad gave me a Remington Semi Automatic 12 Gauge for college graduation. I love it. I feel so powerful. So manly, because I am so not. I am like the weakest person you will ever meet, it's pretty sad. But when I hold the shot gun, I feel amazing. Strange? Maybe ;)
I did an awesome job I must say. I brought got 80% of the skeets/clay pigeons. I am so proud of myself. Of course hubby did amazing because he was a marine, and well enough said. haha!

all our gear

hubby's is the left one, mine's the right
(mine's better, I know)

the clay pigeons and the launcher

don't I look like such a bad ass? No?? haha!
I totally feel like it when I hold the gun :)

so freakin sexy!! ;)

We had a great time!! Can't wait to go back.
All this shooting made me and hubby pretty hungry.
We went here for lunch:

My first time here. Well I went to a place called Hofbrau in Germany (3 years ago) and drank a 2 liter pitcher all to myself. Oh seriously, take a look

Wouldn't you be so proud of yourself. I sure as heck was. :-D

Back to today. We went to lunch at Hofbrau. I went to the restroom and when I got back there was a Long Island waiting for me. Oh how wonderful my hubby is, he knows I just love Long Islands :)

I know Long Islands are super strong, if they are made right. Well ladies, this was made right. It was totally strong. I felt the buzz until about 6pm tonight. It got to me so fast and actually made me feel kinda nauseous. But it was delish!! :-) I am glad he ordered it for me.

So since we got drinks we needed to get some food in my tummy pretty quick. Hubby picked jalapeno slices. Never had them before. They are sliced jalapenos, fried of course we are in the south, and the melted cheese on top. They were delish!!

Then hubby wanted to branch out a bit, he wanted to try something new. I know you are thinking well all of it would be new because you have never been there. But I mean new like something other than a burger or sandwich. He wanted to try quail. Yes, quail like a bird. I didn't know what a quail looked like, so I looked it up on my phone. This is a quail in case you didn't know

As soon as I looked it up I closed my phone. I didn't really wanna know what I was about to eat. I know I eat chicken and cows, but this is the little bird that was killed to be my meal. haha! Ok ok enough of that Lindsay, you are being stupid silly for thinking this way.
 Our meal came out and honestly it was delicious. It was stuffed with red onions and cheese. So yummy!! I would totally eat it again.

All in all it was a  great date day :) I had so much fun with the hubby. We love spending time together, I cannot get enough of him :)



Jenni said...

Sounds like an awesome date day!! :) Ya'll are too cute! :)

Sharon said...

You are so funny..I love reading your posts. They are so real and staraight from the heart. Keep going with this blog, it seems youhave a great time with it and it entertains me also!

JamieAnnTX said...

Nice blog!

Lindsay said...

thanks momma :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aww love it! Looks like ya'll had a fun time! The food looks delicious and so do the drinks :)

Mandy Lanier said...

girl, me and you would be friends if we knew each other! haha. cute pictures!! :)