Thursday, October 21, 2010


There is something so amazing. So beautiful. So refreshing about New York City. I love this city. I wanted to go to college there, but things in my life made me do otherwise. I have been to NYC 3 times and oh I love it so. :) I have been there in all three seasons actually...and you know I have to say I love winter the most. Yes of course it is wrap yourself in as many scarves, gloves, beanies and wear as many layers as possible insanely cold....but it makes it worth it. The city is gorgeous every day, all day.
I went in high school with my history class during spring time, we didn't get to spend too much time in the city but we did see Phatom of the Opera. It was a great trip. And well I was with all my friends, which made it that much better :)
I went in May after my first year in college with a friend. We stayed with my cousin, in her tiny studio apartment. Seriously I had never seen anything SO small. We slept on a blow up matress for 10 days, yes a blow up matress. Today there is no way I would sleep on a blow up mattress for 10 days, no way in hell. They deflate in the middle of the night. Never mind the matress, everything else was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! We walked all over the city, saw everything. Oh my I failed to mention it was fleet week. Just imagine this: two 18 year old girls, single I might add, in NYC with hundreds thousands of navy guys. I remember how excited the two of us were. We literally were in heaven. We were on cloud nine. It was just wonderful. That was the highlight of my trip. (remember I was 18 and single)
The last time I went to the city was in 2005, Thanksgiving time actually. I went with my aunt, cousin, her hubby, and then my cousin that lived there (we stayed with her). I always wanted to go to NYC during the holidays and my wonderful family invited me :) It was one of the most memorable vacations I have ever had. I watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade every.single.year. I usually watch 90% of it alone because everyone else gets bored. Anyways, so since we were there for Thanksgiving, I went to see it live. It was awesome!! Yes it was freezing!! We had to wake up at the crack of dawn to make sure we get a good view. And oh my word it was packed by the time we got there. It was crazy cold, like nothing I had ever imagine. I literally could not feel my feet. My family wanted to leave, but I said no. haha! I had to stay, this was something I had always dreamed of. We stayed the entire parade, it was so worth it. I would totally do it again. I recommend it to anyone. It is just one of those things I think people should do. But make sure you layer up, wear gloves/scarves/beanie, and bring hot coffee or cocoa. Anything to help with the super low temperatures. We went ice skating in Rockafellar Center. That was another dream of mine. We had a blast, partly because my aunt and cousin had no clue how to ice skate :) It was hilarious. Oh we saw the Rockettes @ Radio City Music Hall. Loved it!!
This was a great trip, I made a scrapbook just of this trip.
This city is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. in the winter. All the holiday decorations. All the snow on the ground. All the Christmas music playing along the streets. Everyone bundled up in beautiful clothes.

Macy's Day Parade
Time Square
This day, in Brooklyn, was the most beautifully clear most freezing day e.v.e.r!!
The Hamptons
Rockafellar Center
I was in the middle helping them both skate, haha!!

Oh I want to go back so badly. I am trying to convince the hubby to take me for my 27th birthday, but sadly because of lack of money this year I really don't think it will happen :(

Things to do with hubby in NYC:
I want to go ice skating in Rockafellar Center
I want to go in a carriage ride around Central Park
I want to go see Statue of Liberty
I want to walk around Time Square
I want to go to little cafe's for breakfast
I want to walk down 5th Ave.
I want to go to the top of the Empire State Building
Ride in a cab and subways
I want to jog around Central Park
Walk through all the Christmas decorated shops (hubby will love this haha!)
Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
Walk through Greenwich Village
See all the cathedrals
Walk through Soho
Walk through Little Italy
Buy a knock-off purse ;)

Ok sorry for the never ending list, I could go on and on. I just really would love a trip to NYC with my love. I know it would be expensive, but I also know we would have an unforgettable time. One thing I know for sure is, if we do go I think I need to do a little shoping to prepare my little body for the crazy low temperatures and to look super cute of course ;)
Look at these gorgeous photos, you wanna go too huh?

Hubby my 27th birthday is coming soon.
It is only 50 days away!!! :::wink wink:::


Steph S. said...

One of the things on my constantly changing and growing bucket list is to go to NYC in December - to see all of the holiday decor, ice skate, shop... I would LOVE that SO much! I've been to NYC, but it was a blazing hot mini vacay in the middle of summer - fun, but i'm totally dying to do the holiday visit!

jessica lynn said...

i love NYC! Been there in the spring and early fall, but never the winter. would be so fun! love that you can see most of the city in under 3 days! :)