Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Online World Is Not Always A Good Thing

I just need to vent today....
I just moved to Texas and so a lot in my life has changed. Probably the biggest, most difficult thing for me is finding a new job. I have not had to job search in about 9 years. I have had it pretty lucky in the past...working at a preschool where I knew a lot of the employees, so that made it easy getting a job. The next job was at a vocational school where my dad is the CEO, so that was no effort job searching. I was the HR Manager there for a few years.
Now the difficult part comes for me. Finding a job in Texas. I went out today a tad nervous extremely nervous to find a job. I brought a ton of resumes with me. I dressed professionally. I was very friendly. And the only answers I recevied were apply online. Ok I just do not understand this whatsoever. What ever happened to applying in person, meeting a manager face to face. I thought those were the best first impressions?? I do not see how you can hire someone based on an online application, don't employers want to see you and verbally chat with you?? That is how it worked at the vocational school I went to, we had a ton of personal interviews. You are not able to tell if someone is qualified strictly off an online application or via email.
This whole process really irks me. I want to walk into a place and talk with a manager. I want to tell them the experience I have and what my goals are. I want them to see how professional I am, how dedicated of a person I am, how punctual I am, how friendly and cheerful I am. There is no way to do this over the internet.
I am lost as to how to get a job nowadays. I have applied to TONS of places online, and I get zero responses. So then I decide to follow up, but they say if they decide to go with me they will call...I need to wait until I get a phone call from the hiring managers. UGH!!!!
I need a job. I have bills to pay. I need to get out of my house and do someone. I get so frustrated and anxious just sitting at home waiting for a phone call to interview with someone. I honestly did not think it would be this difficult, especially because I have a degree. I remember everyone telling me growing up that if you have a degree you will get a job no problem. Umm...I think not!! I am not sure a degree helps you to get a job, I think it is all about connections, which I thought I had through family....but that is not working out. :(
Any suggestions? Recommendations?



Leigh said...

I just came across your blog and thought that I would say hi :) Congratulations on your recent wedding...you looked gorgeous!

I hope the job hunt starts working out for you. There is nothing fun about job hunting, so I feel for you!

jessica lynn said...

depending on what kind of job you'ree looking for, its always easy to go thru a recruiter. they get paid to place you so they won't turn you away! :) so for me, Im an accountant...I would just google "accounting recruiter" in my zip code and contact them. hope this helps!

Lindsay Alexis said...

thank you leigh :)

jessica- that is a great idea, i will definately get on that tomorrow. thanks for the help :)