Friday, October 29, 2010


Last night I received my first blog award from Amy.
Then this afternoon I checked my emailed and I got the same award from Kit. I feel so loved by all my blogger friends. I am SO loving it!!!
Seriously so freakin excited! Silly to some Im sure, but awesome to others :)
I feel so honored and special, seriously I do. I was one of those kids that was just 'normal'. I never really got honored, I was never one to overachieve, I wasn't on any sports teams. So with that being said I didn't receive any awards...well maybe a participation award or most improved, but come on who really wants that? It's like thanks for playing but you suck! Well, that's how I feel about it now, when I was little I am sure I thought it was the neatest thing.
Now that I have received an award, an award from a blogger friend, an award from someone who reads about my silly life, I.AM.SO.FREAKIN.EXCITED!!!
Here is my award, isn't she perty :)

To accept the Versatile Blogger Award the rules are:
{1}: Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
{2}: Share 7 things about yourself.

{3}: Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy!

{4}: Leave the recipients a note, telling them about the award.

So here it goes!

7 Things About Lindsay:

{1} I went to Europe with my cousin in 2007 with a tour group called Contiki. We went to about 12-14 countries in 30 days. I did things I thought I would never do in my life...paraglide, white water raft, go up to top of Eiffel Tower, lots lots more. It was amazing!! A trip of a lifetime.

{2} I love blogging. I love reading about other woman. I love how we can all share our lives and encourage each other even if we live across the country.

{3} I have about 12 pairs of jeans and I only seem to wear the same 3 pairs. But I cannot stop buying them. I dont think a girl can have too many :)

{4} I could eat an entire bag of Cheetos Cheese Puffs and a bottle of Pepsi every day. Serious, I would totally do it if hubby wasn't a super exercise nut ;) I love the combination for some reason. it is so so yummy!!
{5} I met hubby at Hooters. I was pretty drunk when we met. I was shy. My face was red. I was wearing a T-shirt, jeans, flip flops...and he still asked for my number ;) Guess you can meet the love of your life anywhere, even in a bar/restaurant.

{6} Growing up I wanted to be a cheerleader so badly. I tried out my 7th grade year and got on. I tried out again 8th grade, didn't make it :(. I practiced all year so I could make it 9th grade. Didn't get on. This repeated every.single.year. I wanted it so badly, but never made it again. It devastated me. I was so depressed about it. And you know the sucky thing is the list that was posted for those who made it, was at the FRONT of the school. Yes, so everyone in the entire school could see. It was awful. To this day, I am still totally bummed. Maybe I'll make my daughter be a cheerleader and live vicariously through her haha!! jk
{7} I am a competitive person. I didn't think I was until my hubby pointed it out. I hate losing. I hate when I don't win at a game. Hubby & I like to miniture golf, I have to win. I am so determined to not let him beat me. Or when we play Apples to Apples (super fun game btw), I have beat everyone. Oh and when it is momma & I against each out ladies, because there will be screamin' and yellin' and 'hahaha I beat you, nener nener nener' LOL
Well there you have it, those are totally random things about me. Hope you enjoyed :)
Now to give an award to 7 bloggers I always enjoy reading

Aarika @ Imperfection
Sharon @ Whispers of Renaissance
Kristen @ A Kapple A Day
Kelsey @ The Seattle Smith's
Lyndsie @ A Love Worth Waiting For
Michelle @ All Because Two People Fell In Love
Jessica Lynn @ Lucky Knot

Have a great weekend!!!


A Southern Love said...

Yay!! So glad you liked the award and I'm so happy you played along! I really enjoy reading your blog and I always look forward to your updates! I loved all your facts about yourself!! :)

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

Thank you so much for the award sweet girl!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

jessica lynn said...

thanks for the tag/award! hopefully i will remember to post my answers to all of the questions!