Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tagged Again :)

Woo hoo!!! I was tagged again :-D well my old blog was tagged by sweet Amy. But since I don't write on that blog, I will post the questions and answers here. Meanwhile, I am thinking I should hide my old blog so people don't think I still post there :) Sorry for all the confusion ladies. I used to post on that blog, but then after we got married I decided to change things up a bit and make a new one..start fresh in our new married life :)

{1} What is your most favorite thing about fall?
Being allowed to wear sweatshirts. Seriously, I love sweatshirts. I know they are totally not flattering, but I love curling up in one. Or being able to throw one of real quick to go run errands.

{2} How would you spend your perfect Saturday?
Hubby and I would wake up about 8:30am and go for a run. Then we would work out either legs, arms or abs. After these crazy workouts hubby puts me through, we would shower and get ready for the day. If we were in California we would take a drive to Balboa Island and walk/bike ride around there. Grab some lunch and continue biking/walking. Later we would grab a Balboa Bar from Dad's, so yummy.
(If you are ever in Balboa you MUST go there).

ice cream bar dipped in chocolate and covered with any topping you choose:
nuts, sprinpkles, oreos, and lots lots more

{3} What is something you've learned recently?
Yes, that having a bachelor's degree doesn't guarantee you job. AND that finding a job is extremely difficult :(

{4} Do you like seasonsal drinks at Starbucks or do you stick with your year-around favorite?
I'm not a big fan of the seasonal drinks. I love the smells of them, oohh they smell so yummy :) But I just can't get to liking them for some reason. I stick with my favorite ice skinny vanilla latte. And when it's chilly out, I get a white chocolate mocha. I do love the seasonsal cups at Starbucks. They remind me of Christmas time and that the holidays are finally upon us :)

{5} What is your favorite meal to make?
Right now for fall and winter that would have to be Chicken Tortilla Soup. It is delicious all year round, but now that it is starting to get chilly hot soup with cornbread is just the ticket to a great meal. Check out the recipe here.

{6} How do you spend your evenings?
My evenings...I love to put on my comfy clothes as soon as I get home. Hubby isn't a fan of this, he totally makes fun of me for it lol Then I cook some dinner and after dinner hubby and I usually cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie. Or he plays good ol' xbox and I blog :)

{7} Are you passionate about anything? Why?
There are a few things I am passionate about...1~ being my relationship with my husband. We have awsome communication and love spending time together. We are constantly learning new things about each other, so the communication is key. 2~ photography. I love everything about it. I love how I can capture moments that are usually unseen. I love that I can capture the beauty in someone. :) 3~ I am passionate about life. That may sound so cliche, but ever since my brother passed away, I have realized life can be taken from us at any we need to live to our fullest. Follow our hearts and dreams, and let nothing hold us back.

{8} If you were given $20 dollars to spend, what would you spend it on?
A new top hands down. If you were to come into my room and look at my closet you would notice that it hasnt been updated in a while due to lack of a job. So I would head on over to Kohl's or Target and grab me a new top :)

Happy Weekend!! Hope you all have fun on Halloween,
I think we will be passing candy out to little trick or treaters :)



A Southern Love said...

I can't believe I tagged your old blog! I must have gone crazy with all the tagging! hahaha Sorry about that! At least you were still able to play along! Loved all your answers! Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday! :)

Suze said...

I'm a fan of chicken tortilla soup and sweatshirts !!!! Oh and i meant to ask you what part of texas are you in? my sisters bff lives in the houston area!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I want to go to Dad's those look absolutely AMAZING!! YES PLEASE!!

Lindsay said...

seriously if you make it to orange county, you gotta go :) the place is ALWAYS packed, even when it's chilly.

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