Thursday, October 14, 2010

Twice Baked

This is a special treat is my second posting today :) I made another new recipe tonight :) Cooking is a lot of fun. I get so into it and love trying new things now. That's good for the hubby, he isn't getting bored with my cooking skills anymore. He pretends he enjoys them actually enjoys them. He better be telling me the truth or I'll keep making them. haha!
I have to be honest though, the only downfall to cooking new things is, while I am cooking I taste test constantly. Taste test means I get a little bit full and I eat more than everyone else :(
Ok, well here is the recipe and some photos of my yummy dinner. And a little mishap, I thought we only had bleu cheese in the fridge, so I just grabbed the first thing I saw. Well after mixing everything together I realized I put feta cheese in the mixture :( I was so bummed because I thought I was doing well. But needless to say the feta cheese wasn't bad, I can just imagine though how much better bleu cheese would be.

Stuffed Bleu Cheese Potatoes

Ladies, you should try cooking really is yummy and filling for the hubby :)
I have some other ideas on how to change up this meal a little. Maybe adding some chopped up chicken. Maybe add Alfredo Sauce (like BJ's Brewery does). Maybe actually use Bleu Cheese ;)



Natalia Simmons said...

I am SOO gonna try that! I love bleu cheese and if I mix it in, Lavar will never know! (he is not very daring with his food) Can't wait, sounds delicious!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Um, delicious! I must try this soon! :) Thanks for the recipe!

Lindsay said...

definitely try it...but make sure you use Bleu Cheese instead of Feta lol Im sure it will taste that much better :)