Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It is Wednesday, October 27th which means Christmas is in 60 days. Yes, 60 days. Holy Cow!! I haven't even thought about Christmas presents. Our first Christmas in Texas. In another state other than California...weird.
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1. I am loving the new Ford F-150 we bought last week. :) Hubby has always wanted this truck, but it just never seemed to fit into our finances. Maybe that is because we are young and don't have much money right now? Anyone else is that boat? I hope so, well not really, I just dont' want to be the only ones haha! Remember about a month back we bought this, well I hated it. It was definitely not my favorite car. It was such a stupid thing for us to do. To me it looked like a 'mom' car, and well frankly I'm not a mom yet so I didn't want it. Silly, I am sure you are all thinking. But come on, let's be honest would feel the exact same, right? So, we took it in last week to see what we could trade for it, and this is what we got :)

isn't it sexy?

look at all the room when the back seats are lifted up

Hubby loves it! I love it!
Funny note: when we got home and showed my mom, first thing she says is..."wow!!! 3 car seats can fit in the back" :::huge smile on my face:::

2. I am loving the email I received from one of my greatest friends, Kimberly, Sunday night. It totally made me tear up and reminded me what an amazing friend she is. I miss her so much. I miss all 'spooning' sessions. I miss being able to drive out to Palmdale and hang out for the night and drink with no worries :) She is a friend I can count on no.matter.what.
Love you & see you soon!!

3. I am loving that hubby and I started working out again. Full force!! I am so freakin sore today because Monday night hubby tortured us with his leg workout. Seriously, I am in pain. I walk like I have a stick up my butt. Walking down the little tiny hill of a driveway we have, my legs almost gave out because my thighs are killing. A little too personal here, but going to the bathroom seems like a chore when legs are sore. When I sit I feel like a prego lady because I have to put my hands on the toilet seat to help the pressure on my thighs. Not that I know what being a prego lady feels like, but I am assuming that is what it's like from what I have seen in movie and friends ;) Ok enough on that because I am totally rambling.

4. I am loving that my sister, Aarika (pronounced Erica, if you all are wondering. My mom was trying to be difficult different when choosing a spelling), started a blog & dedicated it to me ;) She says I inspire her to be herself and follow her dreams. Go check her out & become a follower. She loves fashion, journalism, reading, coffee, tattoos. She just started it, but I promise she wont disappoint.
Oh my, I totally sound like I am pimping my little sis out...ahaha!!! That's hilarious!!! :-D
we are weird together. we know :)
5. I am loving that I finally got a job. Hubby got a job. Aarika got a job. We have been bounced around by so many places since we moved here it is quite frustrating. I got a job at Starbucks. Honestly it isn't my first choice of course, since I have a degree. But seriously finding a job is so difficult, I needed to just apply to get some income for bills. I am still looking for a job more in the lines of my degree. But I am thankful to have a job and that the job is at my favorite place in the world haha!! Hubby is working at PF Changs as a waiter...delish!!! Aarika is working as a hostess at Simply Fondue. We are all glad to finally get out of the hosue and be working. :)

6. I am loving that momma helped us to have a date night last Saturday. We had a lot of fun as I posted. It was definitely needed and she could tell. Thanks momma we love you for all you have done for us, even if we don't always act like it lol :)

7. I am loving my husband more and more that I wake up next to him. He is perfect for me. He loves me. He supports me. He encourages me. I couldn't imagine life without him.
You are my Mr. Love ;)

Have a great day!!!



Emily Dupuis Powell said...

yay for new cars!

Just the Two of US said...

Loving the truck!! Awesome!!

Kit said...

Congrats on getting a car that you really like. Truck are so useful!

Natalie said...

you guys are adorable! your new truck looks amazing! I cannot believe christmas is so close--it's crazy but SO excitin!!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Love the new truck! My hubby got a new truck this summer and LOVES it!

Hope you have a great day :)

Simply Me said...

congrats on the new car!!! follower :)

A Southern Love said...

Yay for Christmas!!! Love all your pictures!

Caitlin said...

Cute blog! And congrats on the big purchase! I just love having a new vehicle and the Ford truck is so nice! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Lindsay said...

wow this is the most comments i have ever had :) cannot tell you all how excited i am, hehe!!!! :D
thanks girls!!! :D

Amanda Moury said...

Hey Lindsay! My name is Amanda I'm your newest follower, I love your blog and you and your husband are so cute together! I know it was in one of your past posts, but you are a brave girl giving up your iPhone! :) Power to ya, I'm jealous! :)