Tuesday, November 9, 2010

7 Things About Me

When I get home from work, one of the first things I do (besides giving my huuby lots of lovin') is check my emails and facebook :) Yes I admit that I check facebook a couple times a day...does that make me totally lame? lol just kidding, I know a lot of people do. Anyways, well I checked it tonight and I got an award from one of my favorite bloggy friends, Latache :) I got this award...yay!! I am a stylish blogger, woo hoo!!! :-)

So in honor of accepting this award, I have to say 7 things about myself. I just love talking about myself, I love showing people who I really am and why I am who I am. :)
So are you ready for this?!?! You may need to sit down for this actually, what I am about to tell you will blow your mind...seriously just playing around ahaha!!

1~ I love putting on comfy clothes right when I get home from work
2~ I am right handed but I use the computer mouse with my left hand
3~ I bit my nails...gross I know :-/
4~ I am not a big phone talker. I would much rather see you in person or email
5~ I crack my ankles...all the time
6~ I always drive way over the speed limit. If it says 65 I drive 75 or 80.
Am I just asking for a ticket?? Yes ma'am ;)
7~ I love HGTV and the Cooking Channel. Those are the only two channels I watch.

I may have told a few of these things in other posts...sorry if I am a repeat offender. I have a horrible memory :-/



Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

you use your left hand for your computer mouse?! INTERESTING!!!

Suze said...

i enjoyed learning about you girl! i too am not much of a phone talker either! i put on my comfy clothes when i get home from work too! glad im not the only one :) hope you have a good evening girl!

Heather said...

I don't think I've ever tried to use my mouse with my left hand, too funny!

Lindsay said...

my dad taught me to use my left hand because he is an accountant and thats what they do since they numeric keypad you use your right hand. every one thinks im weird for doing it lol