Monday, November 29, 2010

First Thanksgiving in Texas

I cannot believe Thanksgiving has come and gone. Just like that. Poof!! It is now Novemeber 29th, Christmas is 27 days away...less than a month. Yikes!!
Thanksgiving weekend turned out pretty darn good. Well, besides the fact that on Thanksgiving I had to work, so I missed out on all the yummy food. Thanksgiving Day my family went over to my cousin Jamie's house..she was hosting :) Our first Thanksgiving in Texas. Our first Thanksgiving away from our home. Mixed feelings for sure. Anyways, we went over there and just hung out for a bit. Nibbled on some carrots and dip, chips and salsa, and of course Reese's Pieces (love anything Reese's) Well, 1:30pm rolled around (we were supposed to start eating at this time) and there was not much food out to be hubby and I ate just a few pieces of turkey, mashed potatoes and a roll. Sadly this is my typical meal on Thanksgiving...I am not a big fan of anything else. We scarffed it down real quickly...I changed and off I was to work :(
Hubby dropped me off so we could spend a little more time alone together. I ran in, got him a Mocha (his fav) and then he left and worked started. I told hubby to come back at 7:15pm because I assumed we would be out of there pretty darn quick since it was a holiday. WRONG!!! It was busy the.entire.time!! We were swamped and running around like chickens with their heads cut off (btw...this does really happen, I witnessed it with my daddy-o). We didn't get out of work until 7:50pm!!! I worked from 2:30pm-7:50pm on Thanksgiving!!! I was exhausted and starving and freezing and just wanted to be with hubby and family.
After worked hubby and I went back to my cousins house where the family was still hanging out. We ate some more turkey and potatoes...and well sweets of course :-) Hubby loves pumpkin pie. I have to confess I didn't make the pumpkin cheesecake. I failed in that department. But I did tell hubby I will make it for him this week :) Then I'll let all you ladies know how yummy it was :)
Thanksgiving Day wasn't exactly how I wished it would have turned out...but I am just thankful I have a family to celebrate with. An amazing hubby who was home for the hoilday this year. And for yummy food :)

Driving to Jamie's house it was 38 degrees at 11:05am. I was FREEZING!!!
hubby helping with the potatoes
me and momma 

my favorite people
jamie and drew

my momma :)

On Friday night, hubby and I went out to sushi. This time I actually tried some of the raw stuff :) Hubby was proud...and I have to say it wasn't too bad. His meal was all about the tuna. My meal was yuck!! I ordered cooked stuff, but it wasn't good :(

yummy edamame
tuna plate

my yucky plate :(

After sushi, we went to downtown Fort Worth with the whole family to Simply Fondue. Aarika works there, so we wanted to go while she was working. Too bad for her though, because she missed out on some yummy dessert and fun times with the gang :)

Chris and Angela
yummy desserts :)
hubby and me :)
the gang...minus Aarika, Jimmy, and Noah
freezing our booties off in downtown

All in all it was a great weekend :-)
Now on to Christmas!!



Kit said...

WOW it was cold there :( You look beautiful though!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

You are soo pretty! Great pictures and I am sad that you had to work on Thanksgiving...fortunately it was in the middle of the day so you got the morning (all of the parades) and the evening (the dessert) the two best parts of the day! :-)

Kristen said...

I had to work on Thanksgiving too, so I feel you on that one. It does kinda stink, but looks like you made the most of it! You and your hubby are so cute together!