Friday, November 12, 2010

I Must Really Be Stylin'

Why you ask? Well this is the second, yes count one two, Stylish blogger awards I have recevied. This second one is from Ashley @ Life As We Know It.

7 Things About Myself

{1} I love to recycle. I will wash everything out just so it can go in the recycle bin. I love throwing papers, magazines, junk mail in the recycle bin. I think everyone should recycle, it truly is our future.

{2} I love FRIENDS. It is my favorite show of all time. I can quote literally every.single.episode.
{3} I like to be in the drivers seat. I have to have control of the car. I get so nervous when other people drive.

{4} I don't drink soda. It is either milk or water...and of course my StarB :)

{5} I have had the same dresser since I was born and hubby and I currenly use it. It is a light wood color, definitely not fit for an adult but I just can't get rid of it. Hubby is going to stain it and when we have little babies they will use it :)

{6} I only wear 'real' jewelry. My daddy-o used to own a jewelry store so I grew up wearing only gold, white and diamonds. I know that totally sounds snotty, but I am not meaning it to come across that way.  I wear my wedding ring & engagement ring. I wear my little diamond hoops. I wear my diamond heart necklace from hubby. That's it. I rarely ever wear anything else.

{7} I love the smell of Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen. I seriously could wear it as perfume. It reminds me so much of the beach/ocean. Oh I love it :)
Here is an awesome silly goofy picture of me

Hope you enjoyed learning more about it. I know I super interesting, and I know you wish you could all be like me, especially in the photo above ;)



Eric's Mommy said...

We recycle everything we can. I feel weird when I go to somebody else's house and they don't, they just throw everything in the trash. It bothers me.

I hardly ever drink soda too. I drink iced green tea all year round.

We still use the dresser I had when I was a baby too! It is way too small for our clothes. Our Son has the dresser my Husband had when he was a kid.

I love learning things about people that are similar to me, makes me think wow I'm not the only one! :)

Tammi Durso said...

You are so cute! Can't wait to read more!

Lindsay said...

thank you tammi ;)

Amanda said...

i would have loved for my dad to have owned a jewelry store!!! how cool! :)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I dont drink soda thanks! I'd like to keep my teeth in my mouth as long as possible ;-)