Sunday, November 7, 2010

San Antonio

This weekend hubby and I actually had something to do. (Be prepared this is a LONG post) Yes, can you believe it?? :) I was so excited because this entire month we haven't done much. My dad and sister Lauren are down at his apartment building in San Antonio, so hubby and I decided to go visit him. This is the first time I have been to San Antonio and let me just start off by saying it is way different than up here in the DFW area. From what I noticed it isn't as "country" as it is up here. Ok well on the drive down it was kinda country through some cities, but once we got there it was kinda like being in Los Angeles :)
Saturday morning hubby and I woke up at 6:00 am when I set the alarm...well the alarm went off and I was said, "Umm...can you please set the snooze for like a half hour. It is just way too early. The sun isn't even up yet. :(" So the nice hubby he is, he did so. Or so I thought. At about 8:00am we actually woke up, yes that is 2 hours after we wanted to wake up. I looked over at hubby and said, "What happened baby, I thought we were leaving early for the 5 hour drive??" He says, "Baby, you looked so sleepy, so I thought it didn't matter what time we left. We would eventually get there." Aww isn't he so sweet, he knew I needed wanted my beauty sleep. We got up, showered and packed up the freezing cold car. There was ice on my windshield!!!
So we got on the road, and guess what...we got our caffeine fix at good ol' StarB :) I know I know, it is so pathetic how much coffee I actually drink. But hey, can you blame me?? It is so yummy!! :-D

Finally we were actually moving on the road. Our first road trip here in Texas...yay!! At about 1:00pm we decided we were starving so we stopped at the delicious Chili's :) Love that place. Then once again on the road. At about 3:15pm (after stopping at Lackland AFB) we arrived at daddy-o's apartment :) First time there, I actually made it!! Side note: he has been bugging me to come down for a few years now lol
Daddy-o showed us around the apartment complex. We hung out in his apartment for a bit, then got changed (except Laur...she didn't seem to care what she looked like going out lol) headed out to the River Walk. Hubby has always talked about this place and has told me stories from when he was stationed at Lackland for his K9 training. And daddy-o has always told me how much I would like the atmosphere. And I did...I really liked walking around the River Walk. It was something so different than what I have seen. It's a great place to walk around, eat and have a good time.
So here we are...parked the car. And headed for our night out :)

the beginning of our River Walk tour
Daddy-o & Laur

the little boat tour reminds me of It's A Small World @ D-land

 We walked around the "main" part of the River for quite a while...looking at all the different restaurants, watching all the people go by, making sure I didn't fall in the river. Seriously, I was so nervous!! You wanna know why, this is why. See that sidewalk...there is no fence, no railing, no nothing. It made me so nervous walking next to it. All I could think was 'Oh my gosh!! I am so going to be the one that falls in.' I know it isn't deep and there isn't anything harmful in it, but still it is the point that anyone could lose their balance (drunks) and just tumble on over into the mucky water.
After I got over my phobia of falling in, I started enjoying the scenery and the atmosphere, and well the food that we ate at Casa Rio. How can you go wrong with Mexican food?!?! It was pretty tasty and yummy!! Have I mentioned I LOVE Mexican food :-D
Daddy-o & Laur waiting to be seated
Daddy-o & his favorite daughters
(sorry missed out, sisters can be so cruel to each other no matter our age hehe)

Sisters :)

I love him to pieces!!!

 how cute is that carriage...totally reminds me of Cinderella (I think it's that movie lol)
I wanted hubby to take me on a ride, but it was just a tad too expensive :(!!! I just realized StarB is in the background, man I follow that place everywhere I go. I cannot get enough of it ahaha just kidding, I didn't get ANOTHER drink that day.

we are cute, I know I know ;)

After dinner we were pretty cold and decided lets just go back to the apartment and hang out. We got there and just sat around talking and watching the Hunting Channel. Can I just tell you how enthralled daddy-o and hubby were, they were lovin' it :) In the midst of watching this, daddy-o was telling us hilarious horror stories of the life owning a not so nice apartment complex. The stories would honestly make you think he was part of that TV show Cops or something. I keep telling him he needs to write a book so he can always remember his life being the 'mediator' between his tenants fighting.

We slept on a blowup mattress with a sleeping bag over us. Seriously, it was freezing!!! It was a queen sized mattress but you would have thought it was a twin by the way we were sleeping. We were cuddled up next to each ALL night long. I wore sweats and socks to bed, because it was just so darn cold. My daddy-o is a cheap-o and doesn't use a heater (or air conditioner). He says we just need to pile on layers or have no layers depending on the temp. Well this is what we looked like in the morning...I know you all are j.e.a.l.o.u.s. as to how g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. I look so early in the morning. It's ok, I won't tell anyone ;)
Seriously cannot believe I posted this photo. I look SO awful!!! My eyes are so red on the corners, my hair is crazy, and well it's just the first thing in the morning ok :) By the way...look how hot hubby is though ;) look at those eyes oh my he makes my heart flutter :)

Did everyone remember the time changed Sunday morning? We did, and that is probably why we look so amazing in the photo above. For some reason we could not sleep any longer. We tossed. We turned. We cuddled. We just couldn't lay in bed anymore. I looked at my phone and low and behold the time was 6:45am. Seriously, 6:45am??? Why oh why are we awake is all I could think. I tried so extremely hard to fall back asleep but I was just too cold. We jumped in the hot warm shower to thaw out. Got ready and we all headed out to StarB again, again you say? Yes and let me tell you why...Laur is so excited that I work at Starbucks, she thinks it is the coolest job. She thinks it is so awesome that I get free coffee (which btw I brought daddy-o a pound of Italian Roast, he enjoyed it). She is so excited I can get a drink on a discount for her. So we drove to Starb and she was just spazing out. The hugest grin on her face. I got her her StarB that she waited all weekend for :) Oh and of course we got one too :)
pumpkin spice
skinny vanilla

Now we headed to do some shootin' :) I am not very good at shooting handguns, but everyone else is. I like the big guns. I like shotguns :-D
silly Laur

hey sexy!!

Laur was in 4H shooting sports


I am a little lame when it comes to shooting handguns.
It was a little easier to sit, I had better aim.

It was a fun weekend. It was fun getting away. It was fun being for Tony and I to be with Daddy-o and Laur. Thank Daddy-o for buying us dinner & StarB & gas to get home :-D
Love <3

Drive from San Antonio back home right before we got to Austin, I saw this off ramp. Only in Texas do you see this...

We are both exhausted. We are both feeling a little under the weather. So I am out for the night.
Good Night Ladies!!



Sharon said...

Ah what a fun trip ... gotta get down to the River walk soon, looks like lots of fun! Yeh great morning shot of you!! A little Star B's and your ready for the day!

Natalia Simmons said...

Linds, you're so cute! I love you hair dark. And I love reading your posts!

Suze said...

What a fun weekend! San Antonio is SO fun! I love the riverwalk when i visited! you and hubs are just sooo cute together! hope you have a great monday!

Kerbi said...

Stopping by from Taylor's blog! Glad you had a great time in San Antonio! Love your blog! Happy Tuesday!

Kate and Bryan said...

You are too cute - I love this post! I, too, love San Antonio... The River Walk is so fun and unique and gorgeous yet dirty ;) You asked me weeks back about my job but I'm new to blogging and don't know how you private message you. You have any idea???

Lindsay said...

kate- my email is
that is the only way i know how to do it lol