Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Yesterday was the first really chilly day I have had since I moved here to Texas. I am definitely not used to the cold, rainy, windy weather. Oh the thunder and lightning...we don't get that in southern California. Really we don't, we rarely ever get rain either. And when we!! People seriously freak out and have no idea how to drive in rain.
I ran outside yesterday to get the mail, and holy moly it was so cold!!! Mind you I have long sleeves and a sweatershit on...oh my, how am I going to survive such a cold winter???
And it continues to today as well :)
Now on to linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

{1} I am loving all the free coffee I get by working at Starbucks. Oh it makes me a happy girlie :) Before I clock in I get a freebie. I get another freebie right after I clock out. I get a free pound of coffee once a week.  I am grateful for the job, even if it isn't my first choice.
Coffee= happy Lindsay :)

{2} I am loving that it is officially the holiday season :) It is time for the festivities to begin.
Thanksgiving. My 27th Birthday. Christmas. New Years.

{3} I am loving how I feel after hubby and I have an awesome workout. I feel so healthy. So pumped up. So energized. So thin. Every since we moved out of our apartment in California I haven't felt good about the way I look. So getting back into it makes me feel like myself again :)

{4} I am loving that I just got a Free Lacie Thong Card in the mail from Victoria's Secret. I love when these come. It makes me so happy because it is FREE!!! I know where I will be this weekend.

{5} I am loving that I have 43 followers :) I seriously never thought that many people would want to follow along on my blog. Read about my life. Read about the random things I post about. Thank you so much girls. You bring lots of joy into my life by following along.

{6} I am loving the new Sugarland CD, The Incredible Machine. It's totally a CD I can sing along with :)

{7} I am loving my hubby. I am so blessed to have married him. To call him mine. 
I love you baby!!

Happy Wednesday Ladies!!



Amanda said...

that is so amazing that you get free starbucks daily!!!! how cool! a wee bit jealous! :) have a great day!

Amanda Moury said...

Happy Wednesday Lindsay! I got the same VS card in the mail and I squealed! :) PS have you seen Starbuck's new holiday cups? A-mazing! :)

Michaela said...

Free Starbucks? Lucky lucky :)
Great post :)

Beth Ann said...

Oh my goodness- 2 free coffees each time you work and a free pound of coffee a week?! That is DEFINITELY a perk!!! Sounds amazing to me! I LOVE fact, my whole goal for the day is going to the local Target to shop because there's a Starbucks there! I'm excited about the new red Christmas cups! ;)

My hubby and I have been working out lately, too. We just did a Bodypump class (at our YMCA) and 2 days later...I can barely move. Ahhh!

Make that 44 followers, because I'm going to go click "follow" now! :)

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Good choices! Yesterday was pretty chilly out... I think the cold weather is here to stay this time, at least I hope so.

Kit said...

YUM! Starbucks and I bet free Starbucks is even better. Stick in there girl things will get better :)

Michelle said...

I always love those free pantie cards too --- they make me happy. And free Starbucks? You lucky girl.

♥Aubrey said... your list of things! I couldn't agree more with it :))


Kari said...

yeah for free Starbucks!

Kristen said...

can't beat free coffee! anything actually. i love those VS coupons too, i get them all the time!

Suze said...

that sugarland cd is terrific :) gotta love 'em!

capperson said...

I am soo jealous that you work at starbucks and get all of that free coffee!! I also love to work out, but this semester has had me so booked up with studying that all I can do is walk daily with my mom, which we have been slipping on this week because of the rain!

By the way, if you ever get tired of all that free coffee you can just send some my way :)

LivKit said...

Love your loves and I got my VS thong card today too!

Nicole said...

Love getting those VS freebies in the mail! They make my day!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

I got a VS card in the mail too :) I just love getting those!

Cute picture of you and the hubby!

star said...

I love getting freebies from Victoria's Secret!
Yay for free coffee! I am also loving the new Sugarland CD!

Heather said...

Free Starbucks???? That must be so stinking awesome!!!!!!

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