Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Recap

I feel like it has been so long since I have been on here. It has been about 5 days I think. Longest blogging break I have had in a while. But it was a nice break...spending time with hubby and family.

Christmas Eve was rainy all day long and very cold. So while I was at work, which by the way was insanely busy, I was talking about how awesome it would be if we had a white Christmas. And all everyone told me was the chances of that are very slim...but I still kept my hopes up :) Work was pretty nice, my manager bought us breakfast...breakfast burritos (my first time having them and they were yummy). And she gave us all who opened a new apron. I was totally excited about this because remember I told you someone stole mine, well I didn't have to buy a new one :) AND I get to keep the red Christmas apron I have been wearing for the last month :-)
So hubby and I woke up Christmas morning to....clear blue skies. Not a single cloud in the sky. Nothing :( But let me tell you it was pretty darn chilly out. Super cold for this southern California girl. Hubby and I woke up before we heard anyone else up, so we decided why not shower and get ready before gifts. Once everyone was up momma started to make some hot chocolate. And not just any hot chocolate, Starbucks hot chocolate :) It was delicious!!! Good job momma!!! :) We took our hot chocolate to the living room and started opening gifts. See growing up we do gifts one by one, so we can all enjoy the morning and see each and every gift we all get. It took us about two and a half hours. But it was totally worth it. It makes everything last so much longer and we can all just enjoy each others company and relax too :)
delicious hot chocolate. cinnamon rolls for after gifts
momma always in curlers for Christmas morning pictures
my stocking stuffers.the MnM's i always at while opening gifts. hot chocolate
this has nothing to do with christmas. a frame with our wedding photos in momma's living room. i just love it :) 
aarika and her new uggs that momma surprised her with
momma's ugg slippers that hubby and i surprised her with
ugg slippers momma surprised hubby with
(it was an Ugg's Christmas haha)
hubby's sexy new shades 
remember that jacket from Fossil i wanted. momma surprised me with it :)

Momma warned us before-hand that it was going to be a 'smaller' Christmas. Ummm....momma I don't think you stuck to that. You got us lots of things...expensive things :) hehehe Momma is amazing when it comes to Christmas. She is so super generous to all us kids. I got the plaid peacoat, lots of new tops, Disney classics, Pottery Barn stockings (5 of them actually...just for the future. I gotta be prepared so they all match hehehe), a white snow beanie, curling iron, makeup. Thank you momma!!! There was a family gift...Kinect for XBox and a few games. A totally fun gift for us all the play together and hang out as a family.
After gifts we had some Grand's Cinnamon Rolls...a tradition of ours. They were yummy, especially with a large glass of cold milk :)
A bit later, the gang hung out in the living room playing the Kinect and eating some yummy bean dip and of course lots of candy that was in our stockings. Around 4pm our cousins came over for hubby's delicous Shrimp Fetticini, bread, and wine. This meal is oh.so.delicious!!! Seriously, everyone who eats it loves it. On a side note: momma likes to have it every Sunday. She calls it Pasta Sunday :)
Christmas was good. Thank you momma for all the gifts (hubby and I didn't do gifts this year).

The morning after Christmas momma, Aarika, hubby and I went to the mall to exchange/return a few things. I know, I know. Can you believe it?!?! We totally were brave enough to face the crazy crowds...or so we thought. We got there and we were completely shocked. There were tons of parking spaces open. There were no crowds. It didn't take us long at all. Shocking huh? Were totally were...but definitely didn't complain :) Then we came home and hung out away from the freezing cold outside.

I did miss my family back in California, especially my daddy-o, Kelley, and Lauren. I got to talk to them, but only for a couple minutes. Hopefully next year we will all be together.
Christmas 2010 was a good day.
We had a lot of fun together.
We got great gifts.

Hope you all had a good Christmas too :-)



jessica lynn said...

merry christmas!!! looks like you had a great one & so many beautiful pictures to remember the day!

The Wife In Her New Life said...

I love all the beautiful pictures! =) Sounds like you guys had an amazing Christmas with family! Here's to a bright and beautiful New Year!

Eric's Mommy said...

I love your pictures. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! I would be more then happy to send some of our snow your way, hehe.
Our son was nice enough to get up at 4am and open ALL of his gifts without us! Even a couple of the dog's gifts. Can you believe that? We were not happy, he did like everything he got though. I got some Victoria's Secret perfume and iTunes gift cards from the hubby, plus some money to go shopping on my own.
Hope you guys have a wonderful New Year too!!

Rebekah said...

You had a great Christmas! I love that you got 5 matching stockings. Too funny!

Sharon said...

It was a great day sweetie, and thank you for my amazingly warm slippas'!!

Samantha said...

Looks like "Santa" was good to you. Happy New Year (:

Sarah the Writer said...

Looks like y'all had a great holiday.

When did Starbucks start selling hot chocolate mix? Is it only online because I've never seen it in their stores?

I'm gonna try and post my holiday update and pictures later today. There are lots of pics :) So head on over the http://introvertedwriter.blogspot.com maybe around dinner time or before bed.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! It looks like it was an amazing and beautiful day!! I am so glad that santa was soo good to you!!

Suze said...

Wow girl! santa was good to you and your family! i'm so glad you got things you wanted :) your fam is just so cute! hope you have a good rest of the week and a happy new year !