Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 10 Christmas Blog Challenge

Day 10: Favorite Christmas Songs/Caroles

I love!!! Ok well not every song, but I cannot think of one that I do not enjoy. I have been listening to Christmas music in the car for quite some time now and I just love it!!! :-) Listening to the songs makes me happy and totally puts me in a great mood!

I do have to admit I have some favorites. You know those ones you play over and over and over. And your family or friends just wish you would break the CD so they don't have to listen to it again or wish that your speakers on your computer would break.

I absolutely LOVE Celion Dion's Christmas album. It is probably my favorite holiday CD. You gotta go check it out. My favorite songs would be:
So This Is Christmas
These Are Special Times
Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
The Magic of Christmas Day
Happy Xmas
Another Year Has Gone By

I also love
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Deck The Halls
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Ok seriously I could go on forever...see I told you I love them all. But I won't bore you with every single title because I am sure you all feel the same way :-)

Happy Holidays!!! :-)



Caroline said...

Oh, Celine has such an increadible voice. I could listen to her for hours.

The Wife In Her New Life said...

I just love Christmas music -- there are only a handfull of songs that I can not listen to =)

Amanda Moury said...

I also LOVE the Celine Dion "Another Year has gone by" SO pretty :)

Kit said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas music too!!!! I love Celine Dion's Christmas album too

Kelly's Avenue said...

Love your list
new follower