Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashion Friday

Nordstroms is a favorite place of mine to shop. I know, I know I kinda have very expensive taste when it comes to shopping. But everything at Nordstroms is just oh so nice :)
I started shopping there when I worked at a preschool and basically had no bills because I lived at home. Well, it just escalated from there...and I still shop there. Ok, well not currently because of our money situation, but I can still look right? Right :)
I know people say brand name stuff isn't always worth the price, and yes I agree completely. But not everything at Nordstroms is pricey. The most expensive stuff I buy there is jeans. And like I have said before I am super picky when it comes to jeans. No one wants to shop with me on 'jeans' days lol
Since I am desperately wanting to shop, I have been browsing the internet just to see what is out there. I spend less money if I look online, than if I actually walk into a anyone else that way?
Here are some great finds I have found online @ Nordstroms...anyone want to send me a present or money?!? LOL ;)

Happy Weekend :-D



Rebekah said...

I love Nordstrom! I try to stick to Nordstrom Rack though. Prices are a little bit better.

Suze said...

i'm loving your finds, i may be hooked on expensive but such GREAT fashion clothes and shoes etc now! Maybe i'll luck out and find some of these similar things at TJ maxx i can only hhope ha ha :)

Oh and i loved your new years resolutions , spending time with family is great resolution:) I know another one is to move back to CALI since you miss it so much girl!

Hope you have a fab friday :)

Katie said...

I love that floral print dress! Super cute!

Beth Ann said...

i love jessica simpson anything! have you seen the hats/scarves/gloves she has out? i was admiring them the other day in a department store. LOVE her shoes and handbags. oh...and i also saw an adorable red coat for little girls by jessica- who knew she did kids' clothes?!

Eric's Mommy said...

EVERYTHING is so cute! I agree with you about jeans shopping. Jeans are the absolute hardest thing for me to buy.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Oo! I love your choices! That bag and those pumps...super cute!!

I am actually the opposite...I buy more online than I would if I walked into a store. I need to try everything on, and then I scrutinize each aspect and then I don't buy it, where as online..I skip that whole process! I wish I were more like you :-)