Tuesday, December 14, 2010

top 2 tuesday

Unfortunately my cold isn't getting any better, it is actually getting worse :(
Yesterday at work I couldn't stop sneezing. I couldn't stop sniffing. My eyes kept watering. My nose is about to fall off!! It is so extremely raw. It is so painful. It is so red :( But like I told my sister, I would much rather have a cold than the flu. I am not good with nausea...I'm sure no one is. I cant only pray that I am not nauseous when I am prego....that would make for a bitchy Lindsay ahaha!!

Hubby and I are tackling a new project. We are re-furbishing my old dresser. See I have had the same dresser for all my 27 years of life. I have never had anything different. Now that I am married and allowing hubby to have 1.5 drawers sharing this small 5 drawer dresser, I decided I want to make it look up to date and not like it was from the early 80's. Yesterday late afternoon we started sanding it down in the freezing cold of course, why would we do it when the sun is at least shining I have no idea. So we sanded most of it, then we stopped for the night. Not because hubby wanted to, but because I couldn't stop complaining how cold it was outside ;) The plan is actually to use this dresser for when we have a baby and we will get an adult size one...but in the meantime while money is tight we will be using it. Ill have to take pictures of the project and post them once it is complete :)
Now on to Taylor's

Top 2 Favorite Games

{1} Apple to Apples. Seriously if you have never played this game you need to go buy it now!!!
My family and I love it. Momma and I are super conpetitive, so this game can get interesting and well lets just say a lot of yelling goes on :) Play it this Christmas and you will wanna play it every time you get together with people.

{2} Skip Bo. I played this game all the time growing up. It was a total lifesaver when I was stuck at home with friends or family with nothing to do. It is time consuming, but a fun card game. It definitely keeps you entertained :)

Go link up with Taylor and show us your favorite games. If not, let me know...maybe there are some games I havent heard of that I should try out this holiday season :)

Hope you all are staying warm today. I plan on being bundled up all day, trying to get rid of this nasty cold I caught. Speaking of my cold, again, I think I got it from working at StarB. See the other day, I was working the drive thru window and someone was handing me their money. While in the midst of handing me money, they sneezed on me. EEWW!!! I was so grossed. I am such a germ-aphobe!!! I immediately washed my hands. It was disgusting. And see now I am sick with this awful cold. All you family members who make fun of me for being this way, well this is why. Now I am sick :(


Ashley said...

LOVE SKIP BO! I actually asked for it for Christmas!

Amanda said...

i hope you feel better! apples to apples is the best! :)

Amanda Moury said...

Apples to Apples is the BEST family game! :)

Sarah the Writer said...

Oh. My. Gosh. We LOVE Apples to Apples! One of my brother's former girlfriends introduced it to us. My mom bought one of the party extension sets, probably thinking it was the main game! Oops! But it works for us!

Angela said...

both of those games are my faves! We should play lots of games at Christmas, k? Cranium is fun, too... and texas hold 'em!

Eric's Mommy said...

Skip-Bo reminds me of my Nana, we used to play it when I visited her down in Florida. Sadly she passed away 6 days after my Son was born, I miss her a lot.