Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coffee Date

Yes, I still have coffee dates even though I work at a coffee shop. Is that silly? Nope, I don't think so because the coffee is free :) For me. For my date. And that makes it all worth it!!
This morning was one of those days where I just needed my sister, my best friend. I needed to hang out with her and just chat. And chat we did :) I think we were at lovely SB for two hours chatting away and drinking our free drinks.

This morning, I woke up with hubby and he got ready to leave for work. So I thought to myself what could I do while he is gone?!? I didn't want to hang out inside. I like getting out. So I asked Aarika if she wanted to have a coffee date with her fave person, of course she said yes!! Aarika never ever says no to coffee. I finished getting ready. As did she. You know, this might sound really odd and silly, but I was having a difficult time finding something to wear. Even though it is zero thirty or fourty degrees out I wanted to look cute for my date. I think I changed my clothes about 10 times. I finally decided on an over-sized button up of Aarika's, my fave Hudson jeans, and my new Guess boots. I should have taken a picture for you all to see, ahaha!! :) I think I looked pretty cute for my date.

Anyways, I think we just all gotta have some girlie time over coffee/food/drinks or what have you. Those things are super important for our sanity. I had girlie time fairly often back home in California with all my friends. I really truly miss that!! I had 'spooning' time with Kimberly probably twice a month, I miss it so much!! I had SB time with Tiaja probably once a month. And Aarika and I would have SB time/Campos time failry often too!!
I miss my girlies!!!

Thank you Aarika for spending this morning with me and chatting. It was just what I needed.
I love you!!!



Ashley said...

awww! yay -- sister dates are the best =)

Mrs. Mama said...

aw sounds like such a great time! nothing beats chatting it up with your sis over coffee

Victoria said...

I'm in love with your wedding dress...makes mine look like crap. haha! :)

Kate said...

Is "spooning" time Golden Spoon? Because if so, you and I would be great friends, HA! Have you looked on meetup.com? That's how my hubby and I have made friends in our new state - it's awesome and it's free!

Megan said...

Sister dates + free coffee = the best date in the world!!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

What a fun day! I love those days that when you wake up you have nothing going on and then you get the day started and it turns out to be unexpected and fabulous!! sounds like you had a blast!

Tay Talk said...

I LOVE coffee dates. Girl time is a must; whether it's over dinner, drinks or coffee. Glad to hear you had a great time!