Monday, January 10, 2011

It Snowed!!!

Sunday late morning/early afternoon I was sitting on my bed looking outside and all of a sudden I see snow. Yup, snow was actually falling from the sky. This is the second time I have ever seen that happen...the first was when I skiied in Utah. I screamed and told hubby, who btw was sitting right next to me, it is snowing!!! I grabbed my camera, ran to wake up Aarika, put shoes and a scarf on (didn't want to bother with a jacket for some reason), then headed outside. I of course was outside way before the other two. I was just so freakin excited!! I was like a kid in a candy store. I had the hugest grin on my face. I kept screaming with excitement. I kept yelling for hubby and Aarika to get their booties outside. Meanwhile, I was outside taking photos and enjoying the awesomeness of the snow :) 

Finally they got their booties out there with me. Did I mention how freakin cold it was outside?!?! Yes, I know it has to be freezing 32 degrees to snow, but the wind was blowing too, so it made it much colder. But I didn't care, I just wanted to stand in the snow. :) We even brought the dogs outside to see what their reaction would be to it. They didn't mind it at all, especially Bailee.
Poor momma is back in California this week, so she missed out :(

Having it snow down here in Texas,
has seriously been a top highlight of this so-called 'adventure' we are on.  

Enjoy the photos...please excuse the gigantic grin on my face :-D
tasting the snow :) 
tasting it some more :)
see...gigantic grin :-D
Bailee loved the snow
Aarika was trying to catch it
and another grin :-D

I don't know if it is supposed to snow again, but I seriously enjoyed it so much!!!
It was extremely cold, but it was so exciting for us :-D



~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

I am dying for it to snow here.. That looks like so much fun! Love all the pictures.

Rebekah said...

So fun! I love the pictures. Too cute!

Eric's Mommy said...

Your pictures are so cute!
Come up here, there is PLENTY of snow for you :)

Megan said...

I live in Louisiana and it's the same way when we get a little bit of snow!! So far, we have only gotten sleet and ice. You look SO cute!

Kristen said...

cute pictures!

Ashley said...

aw I LOVE how happy you look!! Yay for snow!!

Suze said...

i loved all your pictures! so sweet!!! enjoy your snow girlie!!! stay warm!!!!

jessica lynn said...

i have that waffle shirt you're wearing from AE. One of my faves! love that store! :)

MJ said...

How fun!!

Katie said...

Aww! such cute pictures! I am SICK of the snow here...go awayyyy!

I gave you an award today on my blog..check it out!! :)

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Aw, what cute pictures!! Snow really is so exciting!! As long as I can stay cozy and warm inside.. :)

Love. Run. Wine. said...

These are adorable pictures! I would probably freak out if it snowed here haha :)

Leigh said...

Such fun pictures! I like the one where you guys are trying to catch the snow flake with your tongue :)

Jenni said...

I tooootally would have reacted the same exact way!! Snow makes my heart happy. And we never get to see it here in Austin!

All these pics are so fun and put a smile on MY face, too! :)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

wow!! im loving the pictures of you two catching the snow in your mouth!! :-)

Tay Talk said...

We have a foot. I wish snow was as exiting for me as it is for you. Maybe I should go play in it for a while? But then again, It's cold.

Love the pictures! It was fun to feel you excitement through the screen :) [oh blogging...I love it.]