Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jumping Rope

Hubby got a jump rope for Christmas. Why you ask? Well, hubby is totally into working out/being in shape and jumping rope is a great way to get your heart pumping.
The past few days we have been jumping rope. Let me just tell you now, I haven't jumped rope since junior pe class. It was a little challenge getting the hang of it again, but we did it :)
And you know, we love it.

It is definitely a cardio work out. I didn't think it would be, but hubby kept reminding me that it is. Once I started doing it, I realized it totally is a great cardio workout. The first day I probably did 25 jumps without messing up. Two nights ago I did 100 jumps without messing up. I just focused at a photo on the wall and just jumped and kept telling myself 'you cannot stop. you gotta keep going' AND I did :) I was so proud of myself.

I am not sure if this will make sense, but when we jump rope we do it fast-paced with no in between little jumps. btw I always did in between little jumps, but hubby told me it slows you down...so I stopped. Just go full force into jumping and you will begin to feel your heart pumping faster and faster. I love it!!
I feel such a difference from jumping rope to when I jog run. Jumping rope gets my heart pumping faster quicker and feels like a more intense work out for me. Whereas with jogging, I am not sprinting...I just take my time, so my heart doesnt pump as fast. Make sense? I guess if I sprinted, it would be the same :-/

One of the best things about jumping rope is...
you dont have to leave your house to do it. If you have kiddos at home or whatever the case may be, jumping rope can be done inside or out. Since it has been cold (by California standards) down here in Texas, hubby and I jump rope inside.

So go out and get a jump rope!!! Since it is an all body workout, you will love it!!! :)



Michelle said...

How long do you usually work out? I typically will jump rope as a warm up while my DVD is getting started up, but I never thought of making just jumping rope a workout of its own ...

McDancer said...

Such a great, fun, workout (I won't say easy, because if you're really going it's not) I haven't done it since my running days, maybe it's time to try again!

Meg said...

i HATE using a jump rope, which is how i know its working. which is why i love it :) good for you guys!
xo meg

Megan said...

That's such a great idea! I need to start this because I sure hate running!

Mrs. G said...

I love this idea, thanks for sharing! I'm always up for something that lets me stay home!! =) I always tell myself I'd go to the gym more if it were attached to my house. =)
I am pretty sure I'll be shopping for a jump rope this week!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Yay! How fun! I have heard great things about jump ropes... I may have to make a trip to target and get myself one! :-)