Friday, January 7, 2011


I am sitting here on my bed, watching hubby play some XBox game, and waiting for my hair to air dry a little before I go and do it. Nothing exciting is going on, just some random thoughts.

~Just watched a guy walk his cat, yes you heard read me right, a cat. He was probably in his 40's and the cat was just walking right beside him with no leash. Who the heck walks their cat. I just thought that was completely odd.

~Wednesday morning I woke up about 9am and didn't fall asleep until Thursday night at 10:30pm. I tried so hard to fall asleep Wednesday night because I had to be at work at 5am Thursday morning, but I just laid there looking at the ceiling all night long. Finally I was so sick of it, I got on the computer. At work I was a mess, I wasn't myself. I had lots of caffeine, but it can only do so much when you haven't slept. When I got off work, there were things that needed to get done so I couldn't go to sleep. Then I worked out which gave me energy. It was a long 37 hours :(

~Hubby and I got our Texas license yesterday. Yup, he twisted my arm told me for car insurance purposes we had to. I cannot believe I actually did it. I just have to tell myself that doesn't mean life here is permanent. We lied and told the ladies at the desk we lost our California license, so we didn't have it to turn it. There was no way we were going to get rid of our California license. Not a chance!!

~We did an abs work out today and used a sandbag. Let me just tell you sandbags are pretty darn heavy!! It felt great though :)

~Hubby and I have a date night tomorrow night. We are going to the Outback since we didn't go on NYE. I am super excited!!! Especially because we are using giftcards, so it won't be coming out of our empty pockets :)

~Momma is driving home to California tomorrow morning for a week :( She is going for work purposes. I wish hubby and I could take a vacation and go, but can't take off work...need the money.

~I got hubby a job at SB. Not the same store as me of course, but the one down the road from mine. Yup we will both be baristas :) having coffee coming out of our ears!!!! That means two free pounds of coffee a week. We are storing it so when we finally move outta here we have lots of coffee to make at home :)

~Aarika dyed my hair today. It faded a lot this time, so I had hear do it sooner than I normally would.

That's about all the randomness I got for you :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I hear it might snow down here in DFW next week.



Rebekah said...

Ha, who walks their cat? I hope you can get some good sleep! I'm dreading having to update our license's when it comes time to, just because we aren't considered residents in CA. So I'm not sure how that works out!

Katie said...

Ha! A man in the apartment place we lived in for a little while used to walk his cat too. Except he walked his cat on a leash. It was seriously weird!

Ashley said...

Cats are creeping...maybe it was stalking the man...;)

Hold on tight to that CA license. You WILL make it back there -- I just know it! keep your head up hun!

Sarah the Writer said...

One of our cats used to go outside with me when I went out for my walks and would walk right next to me for a while before going off on his own. That could have been what you saw :)

Megan said...

Haha, how funny that he was walking his cat!! Totally strange!

Angela said...

I'm hearing 3-6 inches tomorrow morning!!! Yay for snow! and yay for TX driver's licenses...

A Wedding Story said...

OMW - if the guy had been walking the cat on a leash that would have been really something!