Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dessert Pizza = Deliciousness

Last night we had Papa Murphy's Pizza with the family. Have you ever had it before? It is yummy!! You pick what toppings you want and then you bring it home and cook it. I love it!! I have had it before in Colorado and Montana, but California doesn't have it. I really like it.
We get the mushrooms, olives, sausage and pepperoni kind. It is so good, but I stopped myself after two slices. I was so proud :) I totally could have pounded down two more.
But I was saving myself some room for the dessert pizza from feeling miserable later.

Ok, this must be a new thing. Or it must be totally old school and I am just way behind the times. Have you ever heard or had a dessert pizza?!?! It was so delicious!!
Momma got s'mores kind.
Chocolate Sauce
Graham Cracker Pieces

I mean come on seriously...doesn't this look amazing?!?!
This was my slice with a glass of milk :)

If you haven't had this before, go get it. I promise you won't regret it :)