Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday My Love!!


You are now a quarter of a century.
Or as Aarika would say it you are half a

This is the first birthday I have actually spent with Tony. When we first met, his birthday was a week later so we didnt hang out. Then the next two he was deployed. So finally this year, I get to celebrate with him. I get to pamper him. Ok, well maybe pamper isnt the right word, but you all know what I mean.
Birthdays are a big thing in my family. We like to go all out...even if it is with silly stuff :)
Tony knows I cannot go all out this year due to lack of money, but that doesnt mean it will be any less special.

Unfortunately, I work 9-4 so I wont be able to spend the entire day with him. We will have fun at night though :) Dinner for sure...and of course some husband wife time ;)

When I first met Tony he was 21. He was such a young guy ahaha. Granted he was just about to turn 22 but still...I met him when he was just 21. So crazy to think how fast time flies.

Baby, you are 25 now. You have reached your mid-20's. You have been through so much since I have met you, but you have been strong. You are an amazing husband. You treat me like ever wife should be treated. You are so supportive and loving and kind hearted. Tony you have put up with a lot of shit on my end, with me and my family, but you still continue to love us just the same. You are the love of my life. I don't know how I would survive without you. You bring me more happiness than I ever thought I could have. I love every moment we spend together. All your kisses make me fall even more in love with you. I love being in your arms. I love holding your hand. I love being able to call you my husband.
Happy Birthday Love!!
I love you around the world!! 


Mrs. Mama said...

hAPPYY HAPPPY BIRTHDAY to your wonderful hubby!!! 25! yaya! So glad you guys get to finally spend it together, even if it's just at night, you two will have a fabulous time, i'm sure! enjoy!

Eric's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Tony!!

Kate said...

Aw, Happy Brithday to your hubby! Hope you both have fun celebrating! Outback, I'm guessing :)

Manda said...

So sweet!!!
Happy birthday to your hubs!!!! :)

kimberly said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Linz!!! From Morgan and Marissa!! We miss you!!!

kimberly said...

I hope you have an amazing day!! Happy Birthday Tony!!!

Mandy said...

Happy birthday!! Love the pictures of you two.

Victoria said...

happy birthday! even though I'm late :)

Tracy said...

The picture of your mom at Tx Roadhouse is hysterical! Happy Birthday Tony! From Cousin Tracy

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very sweet. Love the pictures of you two! I hope he had a special birthday!