Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This is our first Valentine's Day together. Yup!!! Can you believe it?!?! We gave never been able to actually be together on Valentine's Day. I am pretty excited. Granted I have to work until 1pm, but then we have the entire rest of the day :)
The first year we met, it was the day after.
The next two years, Tony was deployed.
Now this year we are together!!!

You know, I have never had a Valentine. Nope! Is that strange? I have never received roses (don't get me wrong, as I have explained before I would rather get ice cream), but that is just what happens on this day, right?!? Wait, senior year of high school one of the guys in my grade got a rose for every.single.girl. in our senior class. Granted that was only about 20 of us since I went to a small private school. But still, all of us were shocked that he did it. It was so sweet. Thanks Christian wherever you are :)

So, I already know what I am going to wear on our dinner date ;) I got a new outfit for Christmas and I have been wanting to wear it, but just haven't had to opportunity.
I know Tony will look hot handsome too :)

Tony and I decided no gifts for Valentine's Day. Spending the day together is perfect enough, gifts aren't needed.
Oh did I mention we have the entire house to ourselves this week...eekkk!!! We are stoked!! The folks are driving back with Aarika, so we are alone. We haven't been completely alone since the end of July. We have been living with family this is pretty exciting. And good for us to spend alone time together,
if you know what I mean ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!! <3


Ashley said...

aww yay!! enjoy your week together -- just the two of you =)

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Enjoy it! ;)

Natalia Simmons said...

Totally forgot Christian did that! Have so much fun this week!! Boy do I know about having the house to ourselves!

Mandy said...

Have a great Valentine's Day!! It sounds like it's going to be fun. Spending the whole day together will be nice :)

Kristen said...

yay, enjoy your time together! happy valentine's day!

Megan said...

Enjoy y'alls night together...and the week alone! How wonderful!

Happy Valentine's Day!