Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hubs Birthday Dinner :)

I got home from work at about 4:30pm and rushed to get ready so we could go out for Tony's birthday.
Tony, Momma, Jim and I went to Texas Roadhouse.

I was starving, so thankfully they gave us delicious honey rolls with butter the instant we sat down.
Then we found out it was Happy Hour and margaritas were only $2!!! :-)
That made us all happy....so of course we each ordered one and some bloomin' onion thing.
Birthday Boy
Tony and I split a 12 oz steak and then each got fully loaded baked potatoes.
Can we say delicious!!!

Cheers to the 25 year old!!

We enjoyed a nice dinner and margaritas. Jim, Tony and I eat had two...but Momma was feeling good so she decided to have three. Yup, three!!! I have to say for Happy Hour margaritas they were pretty strong. So Momma doesn't hold her alcohol very well, needless to say she was definitely tipsy.
Can you tell?!?!

At dinner Momma and Jim gave Tony his present...it was a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods. A perfect gift for a man who loves to workout and loves Under Armour (which they carry a shit load of). 
He was definitely a happy camper.

After dinner we were super full, but you cannot have a birthday without candles and singing. So we put candles in some ice cream and sang away.

Momma was so ready for bed, can't you tell she had a little too much to drink LOL
Actually my eyes are looking a little half closed as well. I totally get a lazy eye when I drink.
Did I mention those margaritas were kinda strong?!?! Ok well strong for us lightweights they were.

Time for husband/wife time ;)

Happy Birthday My Love!!!


Michelle said...

This is probably totally random --- but I love those red high heels!

Ashley said...

looks like fun! Mom looks like she had a blast too haha =) SO cute!
BTW - we have have to be BFFs now because I am an ice cream snob and you are a girl after my own heart with the blue bell ice cream ;)
Glad you guys had such a good time! And Happy Birthday to your husband!

Victoria said...

i love texas road house!! :) my grandparents took me there every year for my birthday on the east coast.

Lisa said...

Fun post. Cute pics, great night. Just had that same ice cream in mint chip, its a good brand, love it.

Aarika Marie said...

wish i could have been there!! love