Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photo Time :)

Tony and I didn't exchange Valentine's gifts because we just don't have the finances to. But we did get to go out to dinner and spend a wonderful date night together. You ask where did we go?!? Yup, you guess it Outback. I know you all are thinking...Man do they go anywhere else?!?! Truth is, no! LOL
Ok, well we really wanted to go to a nice steak house in Fort Worth, but we didn't plan ahead in time so there was no room available. At Outback there was a wait too...I think we waited about an hour or so, not too bad. I am sure was like that on V-Day.

We had a wonderful dinner together. We got a booth that was kind of secluded and away from all the craziness of the restaurant. We really enjoyed our time together for our first Valentine's Day.
Tony eats like 5-7 loaves of bread every time we go.
Saying he loves it would be an understatement.
Tony's meal: Beer, steak, and a sweet potato with the works
My meal: Maragarita on the rocks, steak, and baked potato with the works
Jelly Beans a la Dr. Conkey's from back home.
Momma gets me these every Valentine's Day. They are my favorite combo of jelly's.
I look forward to them because it is the only time of year they sell this combo.

Friday night I went out with some girls from work.
My first time hanging out with them outside of work. We had a good time.
Talking. Laughing. Drinking.
It was fun!!


Michaela said...

Who needs pressies when you can get yummy food with your love??

Looks like you had a great time. And my mouth is watering just looking at those sweets :)

Kate said...

Damn girl,you're lookin' tan for February... so jealous! And I'm loving your cute black flowery tank!
Every Mile A Memory

Rebekah said...

I'm glad you guys had a great time! We love going out to dinner.

Mrs. Mama said...

I'm glad you guys had a great time... that bread at Outback is sooo delicious!!!

kimberly said...

You look beautiful, girlie!!!! Love you!!!

Victoria said...

outback it awesome! I would have gone there too!