Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tanning Beds

I love being tan.
I love how it makes me feel.
I love the way it makes me look.
I love everything about it.
Ok, well not everything because I know it isn't good for you.
But I feel like I long for it.
I want to be tan year around.

I feel sexier.
I feel like I look better.
I feel like it makes me healthier...looking.
It definitely makes me look better it photos.
For example:
tan, better right?!?! :)

I am thinking I need to get a tanning membership so I can get a base tan start my tanning process just in time for spring and summer :)
I am so excited for this time of year...lots of tank tops, sundresses, and most of all flip flops :)
The best thing about this time of year..this that we will be back home in California!!!
That means I get to go to the beach!!!


Eric's Mommy said...

Oh how I love being tan too. I used to go tanning but don't anymore, I haven't in a long time. I'm Sicilian so I tan very dark, I still have tan lines from the summer!

Kate said...

Don't go tanning... resist the urge! You look beautiful now, but I do totally understand how you feel more confident and sexy when you're tan - I'm the same way! But spring is just around the corner and the weather will start warming up before you knw it... hold off on destroying your skin in the tanning bed and spending the money on them. Invest in some good bronzer :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Resist tanning .... try try try!!