Monday, February 7, 2011

Where Ive Been

I took about a week off from everything pretty much. Ok, well not everything...mostly just the computer. And let me tell you it was so nice to not go on the computer even once!! Yup, I didn't even turn it on. :)
Last week was kinda crazy in my life...and the rest of those that live in Texas. The weather was just pure insanity. Tuesday it was literally frozen. Everything was frozen. The streets. The cars. The people. Live was was frozen. And shut down. Oh except good ol' Starbucks! We never shut down I have learned. :-/
Then Wednesday and Thursday were the same. No one knows how to survive in this kind of weather down here. It took me an hour, yup 1 hour to get to work those days. Have I mentioned I live onlty 15 minutes from work?!?! The weather was supposed to clear up, but as we all know the weather-people kinda lie. It didn't!! It got worse!! Much worse. It snowed so much on Friday. I have to admit though, it was beautiful!! I have never been in so much real snow :) I loved every minute of it. Especially because I was free from work. Woo hoo!! I had Friday and Saturday off. Let me just tell you how amazing it was to be off. I was so exhausted from the week, that I just vegged on Friday. Saturday the weather was clear skies and the snow started to melt. Aarika and I decided to get out of the house and go visit Tony at work and to get some free coffee ;)
Oh one more thing about last week....I got sick yet again! AGH!!! I had a horrible cough. And runny nose. And the littlest movements made me exhausted. So it didn't help that I worked like 10-12 hour days on my feet all day long either. That is another reason why Friday and Saturday were wonderful :)
Now that is pretty much what has happened in my life since I have been MIA. I am gonna share with you some photos...ok maybe more than some ;) I loved playing in the snow. Tony and I put on our whole snowboard get-up just so we would be sure to keep warm.
this was the icy day

all the photos are random and not in order, sorry

I made a snow angel :)

what I left behind :)

all the snow in Tony's truck

Aarika making a snow angel...doesn't she look like she's face down in the snow...LOL

what she left behind

got on the snowboard in slide down the driveway :)
so much fun!!!

If you haven't noticed I am kind of updating my blog. I think the old design was a little too young for a 27 year old :-/ I am not sure if this is the final stayed tuned for that.
Also, today I start training for a shift supervisor position at SB :) I have been there 3 months and I got promoted to supervisor. I am pretty stoked about that!!! Not sure if the pay raise is worth the extra responsiblities, but it is management and it looks good for I'll take it :) Only shitty thing is I have to close two or three nights a week. Meaning I wont get off work until 11:30pm :(

Missed everyone on here. I have lots of reading and catching up to do.
Thank you all for the kind words about my means a lot.

ps....I do realized I wrote Tony instead of hubby. I have decided to call him by his name :)


Nicole-Lynn said...

All of the snow looked so pretty! Cute pics! Sorry you were sick and had trouble getting to work and whatnot. Hope this week is better for you! :)

Ashley said...

SO glad we don't have to deal with snow -- people here barely know how to deal with the RAIN!!!
Congrats on the promotion!! When I was promoted in my current job, the pay wasn't worth the responsibilities but I know it will look good when I apply for new jobs =)

Sarah the Writer said...

Ugh, I HATE the ice! It's pretty bad to walk in! I live on-campus, so like you, I'm not that far from my classes. Most are about a 10-15 minute walk from my dorm, but in the ice it takes almost twice as long.

Hope you're feeling better and that your week is better than last week. And congrats on the promotion. :)

Victoria said...

oh, what happened to your blog design? anyways GREAT snow pictures! :)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

great pictures!!! I love making snow angels!! :-)

Megan said...

I'm loving those pictures!! I think snow days are the best ever! Looks like y'all had SO much fun!!

Congrats on your promotion!!

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