Saturday, March 12, 2011

Coffee With Dad

This morning I went and had coffee with my dad. I love hanging out with him because I feel like we have real conversations. We talk about real life stuff...silly stuff too. But he brings out a different side of me. My emotions get going and I just express my true feelings about things that happen in the world. Does that make sense? We agree on so many issues and just have great conversation :)
We both laugh so hard at each other's's quite amusing.
I see so much of my dad's personality in mine.

I don't see my dad too often because we don't exactly live near each other...but when I do see him I really enjoy our time together. The older I get, the closer our relationship becomes :)
Thanks for hanging out this morning :)


AMY said...

Thats so Sweet!
I Love hanging out with my dad too!
We had a great time thrift store shopping and yard sales when I visited in February!

Eric's Mommy said...

So sweet! I love my daddy so much too, he means the world to me.

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

The relationship you have with him is priceless. My dad and I have great relationship, but I wouldn't say we have the same one you and your dad have. Embrace it! He sounds like a wonderful man :)

Kate said...

I love this! I, too, take after my dad in just about every way. There's nothing quite like a dad/daughter relationship! Since you don't get to see your dad too often, it's good to hear that you were able to today and had a great time with him!

Victoria said...

dads are amazing!!

Sarah the Writer said...

That's so cool! My dad's not much of a talker but we've still gotten closer over the years. I think my being his only daughter has helped :-P Still, my dad has always been there for me and I'm very grateful for that.

LR said...

Such a sweet, sweet post. Father/daughter relationships are so special :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Whata BEAUTIFUL photo of ya'll -- Dad's are just the best!!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

How precious!!

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