Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I got this super cute idea from Megan @ Mackey Madness.

Enjoy!! :)

Favorite Time of Day- Mornings for sure...I am so not a night owl, never really have been

Favorite Season- Spring and Summer!!! Although in California we don't have seasons lol

Favorite Month- December...it is my birthday & Christmas :)

Favorite Holiday- Christmas...I love Christmas time, the music...the decorations...everything!!

Favorite Subject in School- Science

Favorite Channel- HGTV

Favorite Color- Pink

Favorite Song- 'I Could Not Ask For More' by Sara Evans...our first dance song

Favorite Movie- Sweet Home Alabama

Favorite Celebrity- Reese Witherspoon & Matthew McConaughey

Favorite Kind of Music- Country

Favorite TV Show- Friends

Favorite Thing To Do- Anything with Tony and being outside in the sun

Favorite Place in the World- The Beach

Favorite Hobby- Photography and Blogging

Favorite Kind of Animal- not a huge animal person...but if you twisted my arm, I'd say a Lab :)

Favorite Place To Live- California all the way!!!

Favorite Place To Vacation- Europe or somewhere tropical

Favorite Restaurant- Outback baby!!!

Favorite Food- Steak and Baked Potato

Favorite Thing To Cook- Pretty much anything. I love cooking and trying new things

Favorite Thing To Drink- Water (lame I know)

Favorite Chore- Anything except laundry and dusting

Favorite Makeup Product- Laura Mercier

Favorite Hair Product- Big Sexy Hair HairSpray

Favorite Lotion- Coconut Body Butter by The Body Shop (love it!!!)

Favorite Perfume- Romance by Ralph Lauren & 8 by Abercrombie

Favorite Memory- The day I met Tony & the day we said our vows :)

Favorite Blogger- Not gonna tell ;) I have lots!

Favorite Thing to Blog About- What is on my mind :)

Favorite Book- Im not an avid reader, so I don't really have one.

Favorite Thing To Wear- Jeans, Tank Top, Flip Flops

Favorite Kind Of Day- Morning workout, then breakfast, then going to the beach with Tony and playing some smash ball, then going going to to dinner

Favorite Job-Truthfully I CANNOT wait to be a momma!!! I think about it every.single.day. no joke.


ajs {of MN} said...

i love reese too! are you So excited to see "Water for Elephants" or what!!??

Michaela said...

Awh I love this!! I'm much more of a morning person too.

Science was your favourite subject? WHAT??! Crazy lady ;)

Loved getting to know more about you :)

Rebekah said...

So fun! I'm definitely a morning person too. I'm doing this post later this week!

Ashley said...

i LOVE Sweet Home Alabama -- now I need to go home and watch it haha =)

Megan said...

I wish I was a morning person!! Love Reese...she's such a doll!! I'm totally feeling you on being a mom! I can't wait!! Thanks for the shout out!