Friday, March 25, 2011

Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

It's Back!! Well, the fitness hasn't stopped,
I have just been a super lazy slacker on writing down what I have been doing.

I have decided I need to step up my game a ton bit. I have been doing great if I don't say so myself, but I know I can do a million times better and harder. I want to see better results than I am.
I want to push myself more than I already am.
I also need to pay more attention to what I am eating. By no means am I giving up foods I enjoy, I just need to not eat them as often and watch my portion sizes...which I am pretty good at, but not always :-/

I need to start keeping myself accountable again. I feel great and I know I am getting stronger and faster and more toned. Writing it all down helps me out and makes me remember how great I am doing :)

My workouts will consist of what Tony tells me to do and Zuzana from BodyRock
Thursday~ Ran 2 miles @ 2.0 incline/ 4.8 speed

Friday~ Ran 2 miles @ 2.0 incline/ 5.0 speed
BodyRock Workout
Ran 1 mile @ 2.0 incline/ 5.0 speed at night
Saturday~ Ran 2 miles @ 2.0 incline/ 5.5 speed
Abs {hanging ab tucks, stability ball crunches, suitcase crunches}
Ran 2 miles @ 2.0 incline/ 5.5 speed

Sunday~ Rest Day

Monday~ Abs

Tuesday~ Ran 2 miles @ 2.0 incline / 5.5 speed
Shoulders and Back

Wednesday~ Ran 2 miles @2.0 incline 5.2 speed

I'm doing good. Getting more determined and strict :)


David and Elizabeth said...

My workouts seem like a breeze compared to yours! I need to step it up!!

Tami said...

Great workouts this week! I've heard great things about BodyRock.I'm definitely going to check it out after I have the baby.