Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday!!! :)

So this is actually a Friday for me. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I have Saturday & Sunday off!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
And let me just tell you it is so needed after last night.
From the instant I got to work last night it was nuts. The power went off 3, yes 3 times. Then the water heater started leaking. I called it in and they came out instantly, which of course means we had to shut the store down because of lack of water. So good ol' Starbucks closed at 7:45pm. Crazy huh?!?! Well, long story short the guy had to go get a new water heater and hook it up, etc. He did so, but no hot water still. We finally clocked out at 3:00AM!!! Yup we were there till 3:00AM!!! And needless to say there was still no hot water, although he said there would be at 4:30am when the store open. Well there wasnt any hot water this morning. Finally at 7:45AM the store opened. Craziness!! Pure Craziness!!! OK that was totally the short version, I didn't want to bore you lol

Over at the little things we do, she does a
and I thought I would participate :)

1. The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is 'like.' I always use 'like' in every.single.sentence. Maybe is is a California thing. Maybe it is because everyone I grew up with used it. Not sure, but Tony tells me I say it way too often. 'Serious' is another one I totally overuse. OK, 'totally' is another. Oh My Gosh!! I sound like the biggest valley girl ever!! I swear I am not. I swear I am way smarter than that LOL

2. Today I am thankful for my husband & family.

3. My best friend is first and foremost, my husband. He is amazing!! So supportive, loving, caring, amazing, sexy, oh I could go on and on :) I never thought I would find someone so perfect for me :) I also have a girlie best sister Aarika. She & I have that connection, seriously (see I told you, I use it often hehe) we know each other better than ourselves.

4. A quirky thing about me is I have to have the toilet paper roll where you pull down, not up. It literally drives me insane if it's put on the roll backwards!!

5. This weekend I am not working either Saturday or Sunday!! Woo hoo!!! :) Sunday Tony & I both have the day off, so we will be able to actually spend the day, all day, together :) We gotta go get new sheets...ours have totally been ruined in the dryer, it has ripped them to shreads :(

6. Something that worries me is losing another person that is close to me. Every since my brother died in 2005, I think about this all.the.time. I do not know what I would do if someone else I am close with passed away. It is one of those things that eat away at me.

7. On my night stand you would find my cell phone, a picture of us from the wedding and chapstick.

Have a great weekend!! :)


Ashley said...

yay for having the weekend off with your husband!! that's always the best! =)

Kerbi said...

I completely agree with you about the toilet paper!