Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Bree!!!

Today is my cousin's birthday!!
Brianna is 25 today!!!
She literally just finished, 2 days ago, college.
She got her B.S. in Marine Biology.
So proud of her. The feeling of being done, or done with one degree is amazing!! :)

Brianna moved in with us a few months after my brother died. She was like another sister to me. She is close in age with me, so we were able to do a lot together. Always hung out. We are very similar as in neither of us are much of a party animal. We used to hang out at night together on the weekends because we didn't feel like getting dressed up and going out...could be why we didn't have relationships.
But when we did go out, we had fun together.

We went on a cruise to Mexico in 2006 for Spring Break.

Brianna and I went to Europe together the summer after I graduated college, 2007. We both paid for the trip on our own. It was such an accomplishment for both of us. We went for a month and saw 12-14 countries. It is a trip I will never forget. We have a million and one pictures together.
{Europe will be an entire other post}


Bree and I sang at Aarika's 16th birthday because we wanted to embarass her
Bree was always there when I needed to vent, cry, laugh
Bree helped me moved into Oceanside...she was my first house guest :)
Bree helped me get ready for the Marine Corp Ball

Over the last few years we haven't been as close.
We have had many many memories together.
I miss you a lot!
I love you a lot!

Happy 25th Birthday!!


Kate said...

How sweet! You two really look like sisters. Both of you are so strikingly beautiful! I can't wait for your Europe post!!!

AMY said...

Wow I love all the photo's! Such FUN memories!
Happy Birthday Bree!

Mandy said...

It looks like you two have a lot of fun together! Love all the pictures! Happpppy Birtthhday!!

Sarah the Writer said...

You're so lucky to have a cousin close to your age. As far as I know, the only female family member who's close to me in age is 10 years younger than me! But she's the oldest in her family so she looks to me like an older sister :)

Looks like you ladies have had some fun adventures. That's always nice when you have someone to go places with.

brianna said...

Thank you for such a sweet post. We sure did have a lot of good times. Makes me what to go back and re-live those days; though, I think we would both agree we are very happy we we have ended up today!It was just yesterday though when it was you graduating and we were heading to Europe (I cant wait to read that post!). I cant believe how time flies. I miss you bunches! Look forward to keeping up with your blog now that I have the link ;) See you when you get back to California. I LOVE YOU LOTS!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Gorgeous girls!!! Ya'll look like sisters for sure!

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