Monday, April 18, 2011

Me Monday's v.5: Can't Live Without

Top 10 Things I Can't Live Without
{material things that is}

1. Cell Phone
I cannot go a day without my cell phone. How awful is that?!?! I mean seriously, I have my phone on my body all the time...ok well not when I shower, but other than that. Pathetic?? No!! I am sure each and every one of you do too! ;) I especially have it with me all the time now that I have texting back...woo hoo!!
Thanks baby!!!

2. Starbucks
Yes I know I work there and I don't mean I cannot live without working there. I mean I love it. Before I took the job, I went to Starbucks Yup, so much money wasted I know that is what you all are thinking. But it was part of my routine and I loved it. It made my day start out perfectly. I went to Starbucks and ate my banana. Perfect start to my day :) Now that I work at Starbucks, I am even more addicted!! It is going to be a sad day for my bank account once I quit, because Lord knows I will still be stopping by there

3. Flip Flops
I am a total California girl when it comes to flip flops...Tony isn't always a fan. I love flip flops. I have way too many pairs. I wear them with anything and everything. They are my go to shoes :)
And when we get back home, Tony promised me a pair of these super comfy Rainbows.

4. Chap Stick
I wear chap stick all through the day. I am constantly reapplying it. Living here in TX, the weather changes so often my lips are taking a major beating!! My hometown it is windy almost so I always put it on there too. I am addicted :)

5. Gum
I have a million packs of gum in the center console in our truck. It just smells of gum. I love chewing gum. I love blowing bubbles. I love 5 gum. It is yummy!!

6. Jeans
I love wearing jeans. You can dress them up. You can dress them down. Sadly, I usually dress them down...poor Tony. I am super picky about which brands to try on, how they fit, the color, the style, etc. No one likes jeans shopping with me. I take forever and a day to decide. But when I do, I am in love!!! My favorite brands are Lucky & Hudson. I do have to say I will spend a lot of $$ to get the perfect pair of jeans.

7. Sunglasses
I have gone through many many pairs of sunglasses. Reason being I wear them all the time and when I go inside places I put them on my head. Well when I shop I take them off, put them down and well I totally forget to pick them back up...and I lose them :( Did I mention they are usually expensive pairs too?!?!
I currently own Ray-Ban's and I love them. My eyes are sensitive so I wear polarized.
These are my Ray-Bans. Always wanted a pair of Aviator's, but Tony says they look goofy on me :-/

8. Ice Cream
I love ice cream. If I didn't have to worry about gaining a million pounds, I would eat it every day. It is my favorite form of sweetness. I eat it when it's hot. I eat it when it's cold. I eat if even if I am full as a cow...I find room for some ice cream :)

9. Camera
I love documenting everything. I always have a camera on hand, whether it is my camera or phone...I take photos. I want to remember everything :)

10. Tennis Shoes
I am getting more and more dedicated to working out. Every day I get more pumped up because of the results I am seeing and feeling.

Besides these 10 material things that I am unable to, cannot wont live world would not be what is without my amazing husband, family and friends.


Sharon said...

Yep those are your 10 fave things! Of course besids your momma!! Love you

MJ said...

Your top 10 things...totally would be my top 10! except we have a nikon instead of a cannon. but life without starbucks, flip flops, and my iphone would totally be incomplete!

found your blog via another person's blog :) love it and would love if you'd check mine out!

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