Monday, March 28, 2011

Me Mondays v.3

It never really feels like I have a weekend because I rarely have two days off in a row. I had Sunday off, but worked Saturday. Anyways...Happy Monday!! Today are my super long days at work. I worked from 4:30am until about 1 or 2 pm. So by the time I get home I am pretty tired.

I have seen this link up, MannLand5, on a few blogs and I do know that it is a Sunday questionnaire, I have started my Me Mondays, so I decided to post this for today :) Sound good?!? Good :)

1} What inspires you? my brother. He died in 2005 and he inspires me to go after my dreams because life can end in the blink of an eye.

2} What was the last thing you bought yourself? I have no idea. I don't buy myself stuff too often anymore. The downsides to not making decent money. One day, one day. And you better believe I a list :)

3} Would you rather watch a movie in a theatre or from the comfort of your own home? Definitely in the comfort of my own home. For one movies are way too much money. For two I asked questions or like to comment on what is occurring and I cant do that in the theatre without buggin everyong.

4} Household chore you don't mind doing? Vaccuuming or dishes.

5} Coffee or tea? Iced Coffee for sure :) I do not like tea. Not the taste. Not the smell. Not a fan.

6} What could you eat everyday and not get sick of? Ice Cream hands down. The only thing is, I would be as fat as an elephant if I did eat it

7} What's the last book you read? Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven

8} Do you think you look your age? Not at all. I am 27 and people still think I am in my early 20s. A total compliment I guess?! Although, I do not get carded very often anymore and I am totally offended by that!!

Have a great day!! :)


Natalia Lynn said...

Hey Linds! I am following your from my new blog now! I wanted to have a blog and not have it be personal, so I did it! Anyway I still love reading your stuff, so I am definitely following! Miss you!

Angela said...

I haaaaate tea/iced tea too! It's rare that I meet someone who shares the same disgust, esp. here in the South...

Eric's Mommy said...

I love reading these :)

#4, same here

#8 I had a woman I used to work with think I was 19 when I was 29, hahaha

I do have to disagree with #5 I am addicted to green tea I drink a half gallon of iced green tea a day. I have always loved tea but not the flavored stuff. I do love iced coffee also.

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