Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starving = Grumpiness

I have always been one to get super grumpy when I am hungry.
I think I have mentioned it before.
I become a total bitch.
Nothing goes my way.
I am so rude to everyone.
I am just not a nice person when I am hungry.

Ok now I am not talk just hungry and I can go get something out of the cabinet. I am talking hungry when I havent eaten in hours and hours. When there is nothing in the cabinet. When we don't have money to go pick something up. When I cannot decide what I want, and I want Tony someone to make that decision for me and they don't. It gets to the point where nothing sounds good and I end up getting even bitchier because I am at that my world is going to end because my stomach will eat itself kind of hungry. You ever get like that??

I do not know too many people that do. Or at least in my family. Seriously, everyone knows how moody and mean I can get at that point and they just don't even want to talk to me.

The other day, Tony and I were driving back home after seeing mom's new house. We wanted to track the time to see how long it will take us now to get to work....oh lordy it is about 30 minutes versus 10-12 :(
Anyways, not the point, so we are driving and both said we were hungry. We planned on stopping at Chik-Fil-A because I got $10 gift card for staying at work till 3AM the other night. About 10 minutes later I realized they aren't open on Sundays. We both got kinda irritated because we wanted food and we knew we werent going to have to spend money.

Now this is how the next part of the conversation went:

Lindsay: Babe, what do you want for lunch now?

Tony: I don't know. Anything I guess. I am just hungry.

Lindsay: Ok I can make you something at home real quick. I can use the leftovers from burritos and make tacos or burritos (again) or nachos. Whatever it is it will be quick.

Tony: Whatever I'm just not hungry anymore.

Lindsay: Oh babe, don't be like that. I will make something when we get home. I promise it will be quick. There is chips or crackers you can snack on in the meantime.

Tony: No it's ok. I'm fine.

Lindsay: Seriously babe. Ok then, let's stop and pick something up.

Tony: No we don't have money.

Lindsay: Ok, then what do you want me to do? I am offering and you deny everything I say. You are being a stink!

Tony: I am being a stink because I am starving. You are always a stink when you are starving. So don't get mad.

All I could think is oh lordy, is that really what I am like when I am starving.
Please forgive me family and friends for being a bitch. I now know what it is like to deal with.
So so sorry!!! I will try my best to not be a stink, but no promises ;)

Are any of you the same way?


Rebekah said...

I get pretty moody when I don't eat, but I don't ever get too bad. At least I don't think so. Dylan doesn't ever let me wait too long to find out!

ty said...

I'm hypoglycemic, so when my blood sugar plummets, everyone runs away from me :)

Angela said...

You should mention that today through Saturday, Starbucks is giving a free petite dessert with purchase of a drink from 2-5 p.m.! We went today at 1:40 and the grouchy barista made us wait until 2. Give me a break. Anyway, the salted caramel thing was DELISH but I liked the lemon bar even better!!!

ajs {of MN} said...

i am VERY grumpy and irritable when hungry. and i get REAL REAL hungry when i am HUNGRY! also- now that i am preggo that HUNGER gets intensified by a jillion! it's all good! i love me some food... i always worry about the "food" when i am going anywhere, a car ride, my parents, friends, vacations etc... it's weird.

Jamie said...

Angela called and reminded me about the free petite dessert today. Good thing there was a Starbucks next to the ice skating rink. Stopped in and had the caramel salty thing! Oh my goodness!!!!!!! That is absolutely delicious . . . . I'm going to go to Starbucks EVERYDAY now!!!

Kate said...

You are too funny! I'm under the impression that everyone has a mood shift when they're hungry due to low blood sugar, but some are worse than others. I get pretty moody and just go mute because I know whatever I say will be rude. Bryan is 100 times worse than me -- he's so mean when he's hungry. I mean MEAN, lol!!

Eric's Mommy said...

OMG, I thought I was the only one! I get so grumpy when I am hungry, plus I get headaches!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Oh my! Stubborn honeies are never fun! And I know that I can sure get that way.