Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top Five I Can't Live Without: Travel Edition

This morning I was readin my favorite blogs and I headed on over to Kate's blog, a southern California girl like myself. Anyways, so not the point...she posted about traveling items she always has. I thought it was such a cute idea, I wanted to steal it :)
Well, I got to the end of her post and she tagged me to write about the same thing. I thought that was kinda hilarious!! :) Oh the little things in life/blogland ;)

So I am writing about my 5 things I cannot travel without.

1~ A pair of flip flops
I have to have a pair on hand. Why? Well because I am anal about germs and well I don't want to walk barefoot on the hotel carpet because I am not sure how well they clean it. Even at the nicest fanciest hotels, I still wear flip flops when I walk around.

2~ Camera
I take my camera on every.single.vacation. Or even overnight trips. I have to have my camera. Whether it be my nice Canon 40D or a point-n-shoot. I take it. I carry it in my purse. I am a picture fanactic. I love taking pictures. I take photos of everything :)

3~ Hand Sanitizer

This is a must have for sure. I put this on after I touch everything. Is that weird? I just don't know how well maids clean hotel rooms. I am thinking hardly ever?!? I am constantly washing my hands and putting sanitizer on :)

4~ Hair Dryer

I always always always bring my own hair dryer. I do not like traveling without it. Whether we stay in a hotel or with family or friends. I always have to have my own dryer. I know hotel ones do not dry well at all, they are such oh so tiny and barely put out enough heat to dry this super thick hair of mine. And with family, well I just don't want to assume they will let me borrow it every morning. And I don't want to 'put anyone out' by using it. OK, well truth is I just like mine and I like the amount of heat and force is has :)

5~ A Jacket/Sweatshirt
I know this might seem silly to bring a jacket even if you are going to a tropical place...but really you just never know. The weather can be so weird and just change in an instant (as I have learned here in Texas).  But in all reality it is totally true. Weather patterns change and may not be the same as when you looked a day or two before. So I just like to be extra prepared and bring a jacket or sweatshirt along with me. I would rather bring it and not use it, than forget it and have to freeze my bootie off or end up spending money to buy one. Now I am not talking a full on peacoat, but just a little something to keep me from not havnig constant chills.
That was a fun little post :)
Thank you Kate for tagging me!!
Now it is time for me to go fix my dinner (mind you it is 2:20pm) and I have to eat dinner because I close at work tonight. This is one thing I really do not like about closing shifts :(
Oh well, I am not complaining...I have a job :)

On a side note: big news to share next week!!


Kate said...

Oh so fun! I'm glad you played along!! And the hair dryer thing cracked me up b/c I officially gave up on bringing a hair dryer with me about 2 years ago. It's lightened the load and although hotel hair dryers suck, they do work with patience. Lots and lts of patience, LOL!!

Amy Young said...

Hey girl, thanks for following my blog... I really love yours! Oh, and the blow dryer thing, I always forget to bring mine and always need it. Definitely a trip must have!!