Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Total Randomness....

Hey All
This is a totally randomness post, just a few things I feel like sharing or commenting on :) But none of them really need an entire post in and of itself.

~ Tony & I went grocery shopping for the household last night. Like major shopping at my favorite, Super Target. Well before we left my mom was like, I don't feel like cooking tonight, so why don't you two pick up Quizno's for yourselves. Really?!? We just went grocery
Does anyone go grocery shopping and then get take out that same night because they don't feel like cooking?!?

~ Chick-Fil-A is so delicious!!! I am not a fan of fast food by any means. But this place is my favorite. The Delux Spicy Chicken Sandwich is delish!! There aren't too many around in yes I will admit that is one plus for Texas...just one ;)

~ I ran for 30 minutes straight on the treadmill yesterday. I was so proud of myself :) I have never completed 30 minutes of running without three or four breaks. I was sweating like a pig, but it felt a.m.a.z.i.n.g!! So I am going to do it again here in a few minutes :)

~ Last night Tony rented Inception, which we have seen in the theatres. It is a really good movie, if you haven't seen it. Anyways, we turned in while we were laying in bed...and well yea I fell asleep within seconds of it being turned on. Seriously, I remember Leo (yea that's right I call him Leo hehe) waking up in the ocean and see the backs of his children. Yup, that's it. Poor Tony had to watch it alone.

~ My mom (better Aarika) found a new house to rent. A house that is more her style, less modern more old school. It is pretty cute. It has a huge backyard. The inside is much smaller. It is more in the country, I guess you would say. She loves it! Although they are putting so much work into it, and it is a rental. I often wonder if I would do the same???

~ Next week is a big week for us at good ol' Starbucks. It is the week of the 40th Anniversary. Lots of new pastries/goodies, new coffee (Tribute), new logo (which I think is ugly), new aprons, new pretty much everything. I wonder how much SB has spent on this re-invention of themselves. Too bad it doesn't come with better pay. Just sayin'

Alright, that is enough randomness from me :)
I hope you all are having a great Wednesday. It is nice weather here today. I ate lunch outside today at wonderful :)


Mandy said...

I go grocery shopping and then on the way home get food all the time... I think it's a time management problem for me. Great job on the running!!

Ashley said...

I try not to get take out if I have JUST gone grocery shopping lol =)
Great job with the running -- keep it up girl =)
hhmmm too bad the new look isn't going to be too eye pleasing it sounds =/
I still don't know if I liked Inception...I really don't like the way it ended because I am stubborn and I don't know how people could think it ended opposite of what I think haha =)
Oh BTW -- if we try to watch a movie in bed, it doesn't matter if I am tired or not, I fall asleep almost instantly =)

Sharon said...

YOur too funny ... and yes you would do the same if you rented a house becasue it becomes your home and you want it perfect!! Youare doing awesome working out...wish I had that committment, maybe after we move and I plant a garden!!

Rebekah said...

If I buy groceries, I'm cooking! Ha! We're in a rental house and I'm all for making it my own, but I won't do any home improvement on it. It's so not worth it since we'll only be here a couple of years!