Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Recap

This year Easter was a bit different for us.
Being out here in Texas, we werent near our immediate family.
Ok well near my mom and stepdad, but not everyone else.
It was kinda sad. But, we still had a good time.

In the morning, Tony and I both worked. It was such a waste of time. StarB was sooooo slow.
Why would we open so early, knowing everyone and their mom would be at church.

After work, we came home showered and got ready to hang out with mom and Jim.
They came over and surprised (ok, not really) us with this

peanut MnM's, lots & lots of Reese's, swedish fish, sour patch kids, some Wheat Thins (my fav), shower gel gum, chapstick
best of all

{i know my toes looks awful, i had just taken the polish off and didn't reapply :( }

After we opened out Easter basket, we played some Texas Hold 'Em.
Tony just taught me how to play a couple days away and I really enjoyed it.
So we taught mom how to play.
Have I ever mentioned Tony and me and mom are very competitive.
Tony and I are with each other.
Mom and I are with each other.
So you can just imagine :)
my handsome man
mom was winning for a slight second
but then I {of course} took it ALL

We had a lot of fun.
Mom, next time just we play, you need to bet and not always fold.
Take the's fake money LOL

After I took all the money, we headed out to
Chuy's Mexican Restaurant.
We love this restaurant. Tony and I decided not to cook any more Mexican food at home, we will just go to Chuy's. It is actually cheaper because we always always share a burrito and of course have chips and salsa and an occasionnal margarita :)
not the best picture of mom and me :-/

Even though we were in Texas away from most of our loved ones, we still enjoy our Easter being together and with mom and Jim.

By the way....
We wear our Rainbows
all.time.time!! :-D


Kate said...

YAY for Rainbows!!! And your adorable kitchen table! And your amazingly mauve wall! And your bright yellow shirt!! LOVE. IT. ALL.

Sara said...

Looks like you still had a good Easter! and I have been meaning to buy me some rainbows I just can't bring myself to spend that much on flip flops. Although I have heard they are SO worth it.

Suze said...

I'm happy that you were able to still have a wonderful easter despite not being near all your immediate family! that is sweet of your moma to make y'all an easter basket filled with goodies including rainbow sandals, i know you were thrilled!!!!! Have a blessed day!!!

Caroline said...

Now, that's a great Easter basket!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I'm glad you had a good Easter even though your fam wasn't there. And I like your Easter basket! Gotta love the Reester Bunny!

Natalia Lynn said...

Linds, I LOVE your hair dark like that! You are so beautiful! And the yellow shirt looks great on you. Love reading your blog! :)

Aarika Marie said...

mom looks so good!!! she's losing weight. linz, paint your dang toe nails. did i not teach you anything about being a lady?

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