Friday, April 15, 2011

Fitness Friday

My upper body and lower body is pretty sore this morning.
Tony and I started working out again {woo hoo} and let me tell you we didn't take it easy.
We went all out!!!
That's the only way Tony does it.

On Monday I worked out abs. I love working out abs. After my work out I felt so light and thin :)

On Tuesday we worked out legs. Not just quads, we worked out calves. Have I mentioned, I never work out calves. Holy Smokes!!! I was walking like I had a stick up my butt the next few days because I just couldn't get myself to stretch my legs out. It hurt so badly.

On Wednesday we worked out shoulders and chest. We did pull ups and push up. I cannot do pull ups without assistance. Tony helped me, but just a little. I was doing so well. But by the 3rd set of 10 I was exhausted. My arms couldn't go anymore. I am ok with push ups. I can do a few guy push ups, but then I start getting really weak and I move on to girlie push ups.

On Thursday we worked out legs and abs again. I wanted to start doing BodyRock work outs again, so we did. We did this work out. It didn't look too difficult when we check it out online. I was wrong. It was defintely hard. I was sweaty like a pig. But it felt wonderful :)

I love working out. It makes me feel so healthy.
This morning when I got up my stomach felt flatter. I felt thinner.
Let me just say I felt amazing :)

I am so excited to be back in the swing of things with working out.
 I know it will lift my mood
I won't be so tired all the time.
I will actually have more engery.
And I know it will make me happier :)

Happy Friday!!!
We are hanging out with the family tomorrow night at mom's house.
Grandparents are in town and everyone is getting together :)

Have a great weekend!!


aapuzzanchera said...

are you all doing p90x or do you have your own plan set up? GOOD FOR YOU!

Tami said...

Good for you for keeping up with your workouts! I'm slightly jealous- I can't wait to start working out again!

AMY said...

Wow...I would major wiped out with all that working out!
Have a great time with family tomorrow night!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

What ab workouts do you do?!

and good for you!!

Victoria said...

youre making me tired just reading your workout

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Good for you - sounds like a great workout! I just got back into the gym routine after a little break...