Friday, April 29, 2011

Fitness Friday

Ok girls, I have to say our work outs are getting more and more intense.
They are getting more difficult. More weight. More craziness.
Even though at times she looks like a porn star. She has an amazing body, and I would love to look like her.

If I was a little more strict on my eating, I think with as often as we work out, I could be getting close.
So what I am telling myself is, I need to step it up and get to being more careful about my food intake, huh?


No work out

Stability Ball Abs
Hanging Leg Raises
Ab Roller


Dips and Pull Ups

No work out

Abs Now! Workout

Tonight we are going out to dinner for stepdad's bday.
Not sure the place we are going, but hey a free dinner...
I am all over that!!! ;)

By the way
we will have internet some time this afternoon!!!
Super excited!!