Monday, April 25, 2011

Me Monday: v.6 Currents

It is Monday, the weekend just flew by.
It is almost May. This year is so close to being half way over.
Holy Smokes!!!

I saw this recently on a few blogs, so I decided to borrow the idea from Jenn.

{Current Book}
Dirty Sexy Politics
My mom bought this book. I started reading it, but stopped because we were packing, etc.
I want to read it. I have heard a lot about it. Maybe in the near future I'll finish it up.
Have any of you read it?!?
{Current Playlist}
Yup, I bought her new CD. I love it.
Definitely a workout CD.
I totally can sing a long with it.

{Current Nail Color}
Wish I painted my nails. We actually are not allowed to have painted nails at work.
When I do paint my nails, I usually go with pink...bright pink for summer time :)
{Current Drink}
Iced Coffee with 5 splenda and 2% milk

{Current Food}
Anything healthy.
Now that Tony and I have our own kitchen, we are cooking healthy.
Like fish or chicken with rice and veggies.
I even bring my own lunch to work out...turkey, cheese and lettuce sandwich :)
{Current Favorite Show}

{Current Wishlist}
Vacation with Tony
{Current Needs}
A dip station for working out

{Current Triumphs}
Getting promoted so quickly with Starbucks.
Apparently people have to be with the company for quite some time before they get promoted. I was there 3 months before I got promoted. I was pretty proud :)
{Current Bane of my Existence}

{Current Celebrity Crush}
Matthew McConaughey
Always has been. Always will be.

{Current Blessing}
A husband who loves me more than I ever thought I was capable of being loved.
{Current Indulgence}
I don't have one. But if I did, it would totally be a tanning membership.
I love laying there for 15-20 min soaking up the terrible UV rays.
It is so relaxing.

{Current Outfit}
Jeans & T-Shirt & Sunglasses
{Current Mood}
Exhausted. I am always exhausted from working at SB. I freakin wake up at 3:30
But I can never fall asleep at a decent time. So I usually only get 5 hours of sleep every night.
It is defnitely starting to catch up with me :(

Have a great day :)


David and Elizabeth said...

So with you on hating the humidity. ugh!

Kate said...

You are so cute! I love how appreciative you are of your husband and I love knowing how much he loves you - you deserve nothing less!!

ty said...

I wanna know how Dirty Sexy Politics ends up being ... I've been thinking about buying it!

Ashley said...

I love jeans and a t-shirt. its so comfy and easy =)
Yay for packing! I hope the transition goes smoothly for you two =)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I am loving the Britney CD too!

Angela said...

You should just take a nap after you get off work! You will feel more normal and more rested, probably. Let me know how the book is when you finish!

andy & lo said...

first of all, thank you :)

i APPLIED to their program in march, and am now just waiting to hear back.
they are extremely extremely impacted!!!
the good news is they go solely off nursing pre-req gpa.
however, im still worried with my 3.9.
seriously, crazy i tell you!
i think the lowest i've heard of anyone getting in is a 3.7
so, my advice: GET STRAIGHT A's.
which is probably what you don't want to hear. ahhh it'll all be worth it in the end though, right?
we have the best produce in the world ha.
but seriously, amazing.

Ashley said...

Thanks for following my blog! You and your husband have a great love story too. (: and I love that you said your current blessing is "A husband who loves me more than I ever thought I was capable of being loved"... such a blessing!

I have to admit, I love me some UV rays too. We're moving soon and I hope it's to Florida. (:

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