Tuesday, April 12, 2011

top 2 tuesday

I am alive, I promise. Tony and I decided not to get the internet. Ok well we didn't really decide we just cannot afford it. So in order to use it, I gotta go in to StarB or McDs or holy smokes the library!!
Have I mentioned I am not a fan of books?!? LOL
They terrify me..haha just kidding.

Anyways, so I am sitting here at StarB just so I can blog.
I feel like I am letting you all down by not checking in on your blogs and not posting here on mine. Please don't hold it against me, I am here...just will take some time to get used to only being able to go online when I am not at home.

Maybe I can brib Hubs with something so we can get the internet.
I miss blogging!!

Now on to

Favorite Drinks


I know, I know. This sounds totally cliche. But it is the honest truth. I drink water all.day.long. I feel so awful if I don't have any water. I have a water bottle with me at.all.times. Or I bring a cup of water with me.
Now, with that being said....I live in the bathroom. I am always having to pee. Seriously gets annoying, but I deal wit it because water makes me feel alive.
For real. It does.

{2} Long Island

I love me a Long Island. They are my favorite drink. I love going out to eat with Tony and ordering one. They are delish!!!
At our wedding I had five or six a few.
They taste good. They sure get the job done.
Oh my I sound like an alchy...
I am not I swear. But they definitely make me loopy and sleepy.

Tell me what your favorite drinks are....go link up with Taylor.


Eric's Mommy said...

You are so lucky you love water, I wish I did. I can only drink it if it is ice cold and it gives me heartburn can you believe that!?

My favorite non-alcoholic drink is Turkey Hill green (iced) tea.

As for alcohol, I am a beer girl :)

Leanna Vera said...

Love your choices! I'm always drinking water and I never turn down a Long Island. And you don't sound like an alchy...you sound like someone who knows how to have fun!

Natalia Lynn said...

I drink water like that too! At least a liter a day and I feel sick without it. But, like you said, I also have to pee all day long! But it is worth it!

Beth McC. said...

Long Island Ice tea, YUM!! Love those but I always forget about them when I go to order!!

Rebekah said...

I wish I loved water! I have to use Crystal Light to make myself to drink water. I've never had a Long Island!

Ashley said...

I love long islands!~!

Kate said...

You are so cute! Although you are very missed, real life is what's most important and I'm just glad you and Tony are enjoying real life as much as you can. There ARE brighter days ahead...!!!